Master Health Check Up

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Basic Health Screening Program package image
Basic Health Check
Rs. 1000/-
Master Health Check package image
Master Health Check
Rs. 4,500/-
Comprehensive Health Check-Up package image
Comprehensive Health Check-Up
Rs 7000/-
Basic Diabetic Health Check package image
Diabetic Health Check
Rs. 5,500/-
Comprehensive Heart Check package image
High Risk Cardiac Screening
Rs. 3000/-
Comprehensive Heart Check package image
Anaemia Profile
Rs. 2500/-
Senior Citizen Profile package image
Senior Citizen Screening
Rs. 1500/-
womens health Profile package image
Women Wellness
Rs. 2500/-

Stress is an outcome of daily pressures of the competitive world. Lifestyle is mainly responsible for the health of an individual. Bad lifestyle choices gradually affect the health in more ways than one. Non-communicable diseases such as Cardiovascular Diseases, Diabetes Mellitus, Cancer etc is mostly the outcome of unhealthy lifestyle practices. Such diseases are found to be rapidly increasing and the main cause of death in our country. Urban population is more susceptible to non communicable diseases mainly due to unhealthy lifestyle practices, such as physical inactivity, erratic eating habits, and alcohol or tobacco abuse. A majority of these lifestyle-related diseases can be prevented if detected earlier through preventive health checkups.

We, at Vikram Hospital believe that the best way to prevent disease is to detect them early and that can be possible only by regular health checks. Regular health checkup is a valuable tool in maintaining good health. Preventive health check-ups play a vital role in early detection of illnesses and risk factors. We have designed simple and less time consuming preventive health check packages that incorporate a thorough physical examination and selected laboratory investigations, specifically tailor-made to detect different diseases. Taking proper care of the health at the right time can help prevent problems in future. Our doctors advice the appropriate heath package that ideally suit the patient’s medical profile.

Health check packages helps in detecting any particular disease or condition well before the symptoms occur. An early detection and appropriate management is the key to better treatment outcomes and lower risk of serious complications.

Our health check-up programs are specially designed to diagnose monitor and prevent potential health problems and maintain mental and physical well-being. The program aims to help you and your loved ones live a healthy and fulfilling life.

Health screen is not just for high-risk individuals but suitable for everyone. For a comprehensive assessment of your health and wellbeing, we have designed the packages.


  • To help us serve you better kindly take prior appointments for a Health Check-Up at Vikram Hospital. For appointments, please call us at 88840 00320 / 080-7100 4513 between 8.30 am and 5.00 pm.
  • 8-10 hours of complete over night fasting.
  • Do not consume anything except for plain water on the morning of your check-up.
  • Completely abstain from alcohol for a minimum of 12 hours prior to your check-up.
  • Kindly report to Preventive Health Check-Up Counter between 7.30 am to 9.30 am at 1st floor.
  • Please carry all your previous medical records, if available.
  • Carry the drug/ medicine, that needs to be taken after breakfast.
  • If you are undergoing an ultrasound scan of the abdomen/pelvis, you should have a full bladder at the time of scan.
  • Corporate employees need to bring an authorization letter and ID card from their company to avail services.
  • Please be informed that we will avoid tests like X-rays if you are likely to be pregnant.
  • You may be required to change clothes frequently while undergoing various tests. So wear loose clothing, avoid jewelery and use easily removable footwear.
  • Carry all your medical accessories like prescription glasses and hearing aid when you come for your Health Check-Up.
  • Inform the Health Check-Up Department in advance if you'd want any additional tests or consultations to be done, so that we may schedule your appointments accordingly.
  • Additional tests, investigations, procedures and consultations can be arranged on request, or if required. However these will be billed separately in addition to the package amount.

The final reports should be collected within a month of your check-up.