Tips for Bone Health

It is a natural process for the bones to be formed and broken down continuously throughout the lifespan. During the growing age the body forms bones faster than it breaks down, this increases the bone density. But as you grow older, though remodelling continues, resorption rate is higher than the formation rate; hence bone loss … Read more

Anti-Aging Treatments for a Younger You

The constant stress of everyday life, exposure to pollution, reduced purity of consumables and air has greatly affected the quality of life among people. This has also led to the speeding up of the aging process among a large number of the population. With the hectic schedule that governs most people’s lives, it has become … Read more

What is Typhoid fever?

Fevers can be confusing. Most of the febrile illnesses exhibit uniform symptoms which makes self-diagnosis nearly impossible. Typhoid fever is a type of fever resulting from a bacterial infection. The bacteria causing this fever is called Salmonella typhi(S.typhi). Also, the same kind of fever with less intensity is caused by a bacteria named Salmonella Paratyphi. … Read more

Overhydration – The Risks It Holds

Water is important for all living things to lead a healthy life. There are many health benefits of consuming water. Few being, it helps carry nutrients in our body, proper digestion, weight loss and prevents dehydration. But did you know drinking too much water could be harmful to your health? Too much water is a … Read more

Blood Donation Basics

The requirement for donor blood is on rise. Millions of people need blood transfusions each year. Diseases like dengue, sickle cell anaemia, certain types of cancers, surgeries, accidents, natural and man-made disasters etc have been the major cause for the need of donor blood all over the world. About 88 million units of blood are … Read more

What is H1N1? What is the treatment?

H1N1 is an Influenza A virus responsible for swine flu. The term “swine flu” typically refers to influenza in pigs. But after the outbreak of H1N1 in 2009, WHO declared swine flu as a pandemic. Since then H1N1 is seen as a normal human flu virus. H1N1 flu is now considered to be seasonal and … Read more

Dry Skin During Monsoon

The change in season affects everyone’s skin. With the sudden drop or rise in temperature, humidity, wind and UV exposure our skin reacts respectively. The same goes for the Monsoon Season. The rainy season surely brings joy to everyone, as it relieves us from the scorching heat of the Summer months. However, the monsoon season … Read more

Symptoms and Treatment Options for Dementia

Dementia is a condition where a person experiences loss of mental functions such as memory, thinking, decision making and language which can disrupt the individual’s day-to-day life. Often times, dementia can also lead to changes in mood and behaviour. Dementia is both reversible and irreversible depending on its causes. When dementia is a result of … Read more