What is a Brain Tumor? What Symptoms Should One Look for?

A brain tumour in simple words is the growth of abnormal cells in the brain. It may be cancerous or non-cancerous. The cancerous ones are called malignant and the non-cancerous ones are called benign. The source of the tumour can also be different, meaning that it may start at some other place in the body and grow towards the brain. Depending on the source, a tumour may be primary (if it originates in the brain) or secondary (if it originates in some other place in the body). There are various other types of tumour depending on origin, nature, effects, etc.

Some of the symptoms that one should look for if suspecting a brain tumour are mentioned below-

1. Headache: This is a primary concern when talking about tumors. While headaches are common and may be caused due to various reasons, continuous or regular headaches should not be ignored. An extreme headache is a warning sign for brain tumors, especially if any common medication is not working. Another warning sign is when headaches are accompanied by vomiting.

2. Seizures: These are changes or disturbances in the electrical activity of the brain. Like headaches, a brain tumor is not the sole cause of seizures, but it is a possible cause. There are various types of seizures and of different levels. In many cases, this is the first indication of a tumor. If you experience a seizure, it should not be avoided at any cost.

3. Mood swings or changes in personality: Brain tumors are known to affect a person’s behavior. this is something that may be more noticeable to people around the patient. Research has shown that this may continue even during the treatment of the tumor. In some extreme cases, this may also result in depression.

4. Memory loss: Mood swings may be accompanied by memory losses. In some cases, the patient is frequently confused. This is again a symptom that is more clearly visible to people around the patient.

5. Fatigue: This is a step higher than feeling tired. Constant exhaustion is known as fatigue. This includes sleepiness, loss of focus, and inability to perform basic activities that were earlier very easy. This too is a symptom common to many diseases or illnesses but when combined with other factors, it becomes an indicator of brain tumor.

In isolation, these symptoms may not raise an alarm. But if a patient experience more than one or two symptoms, there is a high possibility that the cause is a brain tumor. You must keep a tab on your health and make sure to add one complete body checkup every year to keep up with your aging body. Keep safe!

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