Download Cowin certificate by Aadhar Number {Aarogya, Umang, Digi Locker Apps}

Download Cowin certificate by Aadhar Number-Once you’re done with the dosage procedures for a covid vaccine, you can download certificates issued as proof that the person was vaccinated. This certificate is required while applying for various government or private jobs and examinations; the following are the details kept to mind while downloading your certificate documents.

The covid-19 certificate assures the proof of vaccine taken by the person. This provisional certificate also gives information about my leading vaccination and its due date. It is also essential for a traveling person to carry this certificate as evidence regarding vaccination. This providential legal document might be utilized in further social interaction or meetings with an international body. This documented certificate can also be asked to attach while applying for a government or a private job.

Download Cowin certificate using Aadhar Card Number

There are various methods of instructions for downloading the certificates. But right now, we will be discussing the way to download the Cowin certificate using the AADHAR Card Number.

COVID Certificate using Aadhar Card Number
COVID Cowin Certificate using Aadhar Card Number

Steps to download vaccine certificate using Aadhar card from Digi locker app:

  1. Download the Digi locker app from the app store or play store or apple store.
  2. secondly, complete the registration process by filling up the sections of personal information
  3. After completing your registration, select the tale of MOHFW-Ministry of family health and welfare
  4. Enter your reference id when you see the option of vaccine certificate
  5. The last step is to download it.

Using Umang App

  1. Open the Umang app and then sign in with the details
  2. Now go to what’s a new section and click on the option here
  3. Open this tab, click the link, and then enter your phone number, after which you’ll receive an OTP.
  4. Submit the OTP and download it.

Using Aaroya Set Aarogya Setu Mobile App

  1. Download the Aarogya Setu Mobile App as done in the previous methods
  2. now sign in with your mobile number
  3. Now click on the coin tab and enter the 13-digit reference ID
  4. You are ready to download it.


Q1 Which apps are used to download vaccine certificates?

The apps which are used to download vaccination certificates are the Umang app, Aarogya Setu, and Digilocker.

Q-2 What is the use of a vaccination certificate?

The vaccination certificates can be used while traveling, giving government exams, meeting international bodies, applying for jobs, and attending certain events.

Q-3 What method is used other than the Aadhar Card number?

You can also access the certificate documents using your mobile number, which follows quite different steps altogether.

Q-4 When can the certificates of vaccination be accessed?

You can access the certificates after the dosage of primary or secondary vaccination.

Who has launched the Aarogya Setu app?

The Aarogya Setu app has been launched by the government of India, which aimed to look forward to the health services in India.

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