Food safety – Trust your senses with what you should eat

Food is an integral part of our daily life. So is food safety. That is the reason why judging your food with your basic senses before you eat is important. Trusting your senses is an elementary step to food safety. Because eating food is also about attaining energy, boosting the immune system, gaining strength, and thus keeping you healthy. Let us see how you should trust each of your senses when it comes to food safety.

Look at it

Obvious discolouration of food must be acknowledged. It can be a sign of rotting. Rotten food can give you several diseases starting from diarrhea to ulcer. Also, it is essential to check out the manufacturing and expiry dates before picking up packed foods. Sometimes, packing might wear off due to expiry or mishandling. In these cases, the unopened packets can be seen leaking or cans might be dented. Always stay out of such food products even if they are not expired.

Smell it

The smell is a vital part of senses, especially for sensing bad food. If your food produces a rotten smell, trust your senses, and throw it away immediately. Spoiled food generates excess bacteria and molds making your food smell stinky. However, do not rely completely on your instinct as sometimes spoiled food can also be ok-smelling.

Feel it

Some vegetables can look appealing from outside but might be rotten inside. A slight touch of fruits and vegetables can help you to find the fresh one out of the grocery store. Also, if you find a cooked food slimy and sticky, it is highly advisable not to have it.

Taste it

This is the ultimate sense that helps you to determine spoiled food. Although it is a risky step, it can be a helpful one. Once you feel something odd about food, take a small portion of it and taste it. If you still feel odd about it, don’t even think twice to throw that food right away.

Hear it

Although this is a subtle sense to rely on, expert cooks can sense outdated food even from a small sound. For example, when the hopping sound of opening a canned container is louder than usual or lasts longer, it means the food might not be safe for consumption as it a sign that the gas has the presence of harmful bacteria in it.

Cleanliness and awareness are two important aspects of food safety. Likewise, sanitation also plays an important role in preventing food spoilage. Conserving food for days is a usual sight in households. But while doing so, we have to make sure that the jars and containers are cleaned properly and while storing they are kept away from the reach of pests. These basic steps and trust in your senses can keep you away from several digestive problems caused by food-borne illnesses. However, any discomfort caused to the body due to food intake should be taken to a doctor for medical help.

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