How to keep infections at bay during winter

What is the most discussed topic in the winter season? Your first guess would probably be Christmas and shopping, but well, in fact, the cold and flu is one such topic that floats around during this season the most!

With plenty of festivities in the pipeline, it is most often an unsaid rule that you’re ought to be offered with delectable sweetmeats, drinks and beverages in accordance to the celebrations held. It might be extremely difficult to turn down some of these festive foods and beverages, ergo making yourself more susceptible to catching a cold or developing a fever! What you must know that, as much as these celebrations are a part of your social life, they are potential threats to your health. It is thus important for you to undertake some measures to ensure that you do not fall prey to the viruses and infections causing cold and flu.

As it is most commonly advised, “prevention is better than cure”, which is what this article guides you in the implementation of some of these preventive methods to help keep infections at bay during winter! Some of the below mentioned points though pose to be redundant in nature but are in fact, one of the easiest and most effective measures to take. Here are a few of the most important things to keep in mind, this season:

Stay covered, stay warm
Unless you are craving for some unadulterated consumption of Vitamin C and D, there’s no need for you to bare your skin to the environment! Keep yourself shielded against the chilly winds and teeth-shattering shivers in the evenings by wearing comfortable, knitted or woollen clothes. Shivers are known to disrupt your natural immune system making you more vulnerable to catching a cold.

Reduce physical contact
This might come as a surprise to you but reducing your proximity to people, in general, helps reduce the chances of catching a cold infection or virus drastically! It essentially helps to guard you against catching any form of illness that could be passed on by others you come in physical contact with.

Minimal heating only
Going by the fact that you are likely to feel cold and using some sort of measure to provide yourself with some external heat looks like the best option to opt for but it isn’t! In reality, exposing yourself to direct and prolonged heat can disrupt and dry out your natural mucous lining in the nasal passages making it difficult for you to breathe normally; further aggravating your chest congestion, wheezing and breathing.

Sleep it off
You need to sleep it out! The weather might make you feel drowsy or groggy but the easiest way to get over this sensation is simple. You can fix that by sipping a warm glass of water stirred in with a little bit of honey before you sleep.

Vitamin C, Garlic & honey
It is important to take a few precautions in the form of the food you take. Apart from refraining from having excessive ice-based drinks or desserts that are too cold, you must also consider consuming some things that are likely to protect you and help aid in the reduction of cold and flu. Foods that are citric in nature, with Vitamin C, garlicky foods or raw garlic in general help reduce cold and relieves chest congestion. Honey mixed with other warm beverages also help prevent or cure a sore throat and cold.

There are plenty of ways in which you can guard yourself against the most common and highly dreaded infection season and its consequences; these are some age-old, tried and tested ways to keep infections at bay through the winter season. You can always try out more new and innovative measures to cure yourself of the clutches of cold, as each person’s immune system and the body responds to different preventions differently!

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