Why Should One Donate Blood?

Blood donation is a process where a person voluntarily allows blood to be drawn from him for transfusions, either for storage in a blood bank or to a specific person. This is more important for women during or after childbirth, patients of anemia especially children, people affected by trauma after accidents, for blood loss caused during medical procedures, etc. Many blood banks and blood donation camps are held all over the world and people are encouraged to participate. Almost everyone can donate blood and it is a relatively hassle-free process. The general rules for blood donation are 18 and above age, a certain weight depending on age, no major organ disease, and no recent operations or surgeries. Blood cells can be stored for a short period of time and so there is a constant need for blood donations.

Some of the reasons why blood donation is so important are-

1. It literally helps in saving lives. There are innumerable cases in almost every hospital where blood transfusions have saved the lives of patients. Some patients also require regular transfusions to stay alive. In some cases, such transfusions alone save the lives of the patient.

2. It is the duty of each healthy person above the age of eighteen to donate blood. While it is not imposed, it is still considered to be a duty of any humane person to do his bit for the community. The reasoning behind this duty is that anyone amongst us may require blood someday.

3. Blood donations are simple ways of doing something worthwhile for the community and society. It takes a few minutes and almost no pain to donate blood but its effect on society is magnanimous. It is a social service that requires minimal effort and is still given a high position and is considered very noble. All the donor needs to do is to ensure that he or she is healthy and travel to the designated blood donation camp.

4. Many people having rare blood types simply die because there wasn’t anyone around to donate blood to them. this is where blood banks become lifesavers. It keeps a reserve of such blood types so that no patient dies because there was no blood to transfuse.

Blood donations can be done multiple times. Most people make it a yearly activity. If everyone comes together and donates blood regularly, it will make a huge difference in the medical community.

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