The goodness of water in a nutshell

It is well-known that water is the only natural elixir that is so easily accessible. Despite this being the first rule of every health book, it is ignored and easily forgotten. Let us make this golden rule well etched in our memory today!

1. Natural Energizer – Considering how our cells themselves are made up of water, drinking water boosts our energy. A well-hydrated system is much more efficient than a dehydrated one and can process nutrients much faster, thus keeping the body active.

2. Flushes-out Toxins – Water helps remove toxins and other unwanted substances from the body. This natural cleansing is a must for every system to work at its best. When the body is deprived of necessary water content, the heart experiences extra pressure to pump oxygenated blood.

3. Water helps maintain/lose weight – On one hand, water helps curb appetite and is practically free of calories. On the other hand, it helps mobilize and use up stored fat and prevents excessive formation of deposits.

4. Skin Care Essential – Water is the poor man’s spa! It detoxifies the skin and keeps it naturally glowing and healthy. People who drink enough water can be better equipped to fight aging and will usually have moisturized skin.

5. Safer Kidneys – Water balances out the acids produced in the body and thus helps the kidney work with lesser strain on it. People who drink enough water run a lesser risk of developing kidney ailments than those who do not drink enough water.

6. Maintain body temperature – The body functions best at normal temperature. Both higher and lower levels make it difficult for the heart and the brain to maintain balance. This rule is especially true for people living in regions that have a higher temperature

7. Boosts Metabolism –Watehelps the body transport sugar and energy. It breaks down complex substances and enhances the digestive speed of the body that in turn enhances metabolism.

8. Hormonal Balance – Water helps maintain the natural pH balance of the body. With its influence on body temperature as well, it keeps hormones in sync and active.

Make sure you drink about half an ounce of water per one pound of your weight. This means a person weighing about 150 pounds should drink about 2.2 liters of water every day. 

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