Why is immunization important?

Immunization is the process of protecting someone against a certain disease or infection by introducing special substances into the body, especially by injection. It is a process that most parents get done after they conceive a baby. It is one of the most common practices that people perform in order to immunize their children from unforeseen diseases along with regular diseases that children are most likely to develop. It’s a standard practice and every responsible parent must get their children immunized or vaccinated against diseases to ensure a happy and healthy life for their children.
This blog aims to emphasize the real reasons and importance of immunization. Below are the reasons why it is extremely important to ensure that you know all about immunization and vaccination and why it is imperative that you get it done:

  • Immunizations can save your child’s life.
    It enables you to guard your child against several diseases with one shot of injection. Various diseases have been eliminated from existence due to the scientific advancements and getting your child immunized shields them from the diseases that are still prevalent. Polio is one example of the great result that vaccines provide. Polio was once affecting India’s children like the plague, causing death and paralysis across the country but now it is almost a rare occurrence due to the vaccines.
  • Immunization protects those you care for.
    There are many children who still have vaccine-preventable diseases. While some are too young to be protected by vaccination, others may not be able to receive certain vaccinations due to their inability to resist vaccines, weakened immune systems from conditions like leukemia, thalassemia, etc. Thus, it is important that you make sure to have them fully immunized.
  • It’s the need of the hour!
    If your children aren’t vaccinated then they can carry a possible threat of spreading the disease to other children that are yet to be vaccinated or suffering chronic illness. The results could be long-term complexities and fatal to the vulnerable people.
  • Foresighted prevention
    Immunization protects and safeguards children from several fatal or serious illnesses and complexities of vaccine-preventable diseases such as hearing loss, limb amputation, paralysis of limbs, convulsions, and brain damage.
  • Immunization defends future generations.
    Vaccines have been successful in reducing and eliminating numerous diseases that caused disability in people a few decades ago. By vaccinating your children against particular diseases, you can reduce the potential risks of spreading the disease further. This initiative taken by more people has and will continue to dramatically lower such cases. Immunizing your children at the earliest from fatal conditions before time or at the earliest enables you to contribute in saving hundreds and thousands of children to be born in the future.
  • Safe and effective procedure.
    Parents may be wary of having their young children going through the painful process of vaccination but it is important to understand that vaccines are only given to children after extensive research and studies by scientists, doctors, and healthcare professionals. There may be a small amount of discomfort that results in swelling, tenderness, pain or redness at the site of injection but it is temporary and settles in eventually. The process is short and safe that takes less than a few minutes but it ensures the safety of your child for a lifetime!

It is always good to know what is best for your children. It’s more important for parents to be aware and informed about what their responsibilities are towards their newly-born children and the society at large. Vaccination can not only secure your child but also contribute to eradicating a deadly disease from the future.

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