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Dr. Sharda A
Dr. Sharda A
  • Consultant Endocrinologist

About Dr. Sharda A

  • MD
  • DNB
  • FRCP
  • FACE
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Infertility Reproduction
  • Paediatric Endocrinology(Growth Development)
  • Obesity
  • Bone Mineral Metabolism
    Thyroid Disorders
  • Adrenal Disorders
  • Pituitary and Neuroendocrine Disorders
  • Dyslipidemia
  • Pancreatic Endocrine Tumours

Patient Reviews

  • Sujit Pavithran on August 2019

High quality of medical care, brilliant doctors, great infrastructure and everyone from the housekeeping staff, nursing staff and doctors take pride in their work.

I have put my life in their skilled hands many times and never regretted it.

  • Sreeram Iyengar on July 2019

I R.Sriram, had an heart attack during 2015 and was saved by Doctors here.

From that day till day whenever I visit, I am getting the best attention and really the Hospital stands for innovations and executions in Medical care.

Very good and experienced Doctors, staff's polite and courteous service finds a very good name among others in Bengaluru.

  • Moya Caddy on June 2019

It was nice to see such an experienced doctor who really looked after the patient.

This was refreshing after visiting so many doctors previously.

Dr made the patient feel at ease and showed a lot of care and commitment with his work.

I definitely recommend him.

  • Subhashree Kar on May 2019

The doctors don't make patients visit again and again unnecessarily.

They are highly professional and very experienced to handle any situation.

I am pleased with the treatment.