Home Care

We have taken a step further in ensuring patient convenience with the launch of a new initiative that takes post-surgical care to their doorsteps. With our Post Surgical Home Care Services, Vikram Hospital Bengaluru will provide specialist support and post-operative care to such patients seeking lesser number of hospital visits, without compromising on the quality of care.

We are offering these services with the same amount of attention and care in the confines of the patient’s homes, absolutely free of cost. We will provide a broad category of services like checking on vitals, suture removal, change of dressing, blood sugar monitoring, updating the status and progress of the patient to the consultant among others.

Postoperative care is one of the essential parts of recovery and with our new initiative patients will be able to get professional help without the hassle of a hospital visit.

We have already completed 500 home visits as part of a pilot project and have received excellent response from patients.

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