Prediabetes? These steps can help you!

Prediabetes is a grave health condition where your blood sugar levels are higher than normal, but not high enough to be diagnosed as type 2 diabetes. It’s a pressing matter as the condition is becoming more and more rampant these days owing to our sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical activity. Amongst those with prediabetes, … Read more

From impure to pure

The world we live in has become infiltrated with toxins from every conceivable angle. Thus, we need to become aware of how the body works and how to support the system that eliminates these unwanted agents in order to maintain a good quality of health. In a healthy individual, the body’s detoxification system is able … Read more

Benefits of Blood Donation

The misconception that a person becomes weak after blood donation is wrong. On the contrary, donating blood improves overall health. However, it is advised to sit in an observation area to have light snack and rest for about 15 minutes. Avoid strenuous physical activity or heavy lifting for the next five hours. If you feel … Read more

Rare Cancer- Real Trouble

Carcinophobia could grip anyone who figures out that there are more than 200 different types of cancer that develop from different types of cells in different parts of the body.  Some of these cancers are termed ‘rare’ because fewer than 2 in 100,000 people are diagnosed with it each year. On medical terms, a cancer … Read more

Angelina Jolie: Cancer Survivor

In May 2013, Angelina Jolie had both breasts surgically removed after discovering she carries a genetic mutation that dramatically increases the chance of being diagnosed with potentially fatal breast cancer I commend Angelina Jolie for her courage and thoughtfulness in sharing her story today regarding her mastectomy. So brave!— Sheryl Crow (@SherylCrow) May 14, 2013 Ladies, … Read more

IVF: What should you know?

IVF or In-Vitro Fertilization is an ART-Assisted Reproductive technology that refers to fertilization happening outside the human body. The eggs are taken from the ovaries of a woman and are fertilized with the sperm of a man. The person from whom the eggs and sperms are retrieved vary according to the situation. Case 1: Eggs … Read more

What you need to know before donating a kidney

It’s Christmas season, a time of giving with love and happiness. As the warmth of the festivities fills the city, we thought of those individuals who have taken that spirit to the next level and did the most selfless act of giving. What would you say is common between American Actress, Francia Raisa and self-made … Read more

Peripheral Artery Disease – Symptoms and Causes

Peripheral artery disease (PAD), also known as the Peripheral Arterial Disease in simple words, is a blood circulatory problem where plaque starts to build up in the blood vessels as a result of which, blood flow to the limbs is reduced. Peripheral artery disease is quite common with people over the age of 65 but can also affect … Read more