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    1. Neurology
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      2. Stroke
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    2. Neuro Surgery
      1. Epilepsy Surgery
      2. Brain Tumor
      3. Brain aneurysm surgery
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    3. Interventional Radiology
    4. Cardiology
      1. Angioplasty
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    5. Cardiac Vascular & Thoracic Surgery
      1. CABG
      2. Valve Replacements
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    6. Urology
      1. Kidney Transplant
      2. Laser Kidney Stone Removal
      3. Prostate
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    7. Nephrology
      1. Dialysis
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    8. Spine
      1. Spondylolisthesis
      2. Deformity Corrections
      3. Back Pain
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    9. Orthopedics
      1. Sports & Accident Injuries
      2. Knee Replacement
      3. Joint Replacement
      4. Others
    10. Gastro Sciences
      1. Endoscopy
      2. Liver Transplant
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    11. Oncology
      1. Chemotherapy
      2. Onco Surgery
      3. Radiation
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    12. Other Specialties
Holes in heart treated successfully on a 8 months old baby.
Hole In the Heart treated successfully at Vikram hospital by Dr.Ganehakrishnan T.Iyer
Patient Feedback, Vikram Hospital
Mitral Valve Replacement, performed successfully by the Cardiac Surgeons at Vikram Hospital
Total Knee Revision done to Correct Knee Surgery at Vikram Hospital, Bangalore
Spine Surgery, performed successfully at Vikram Hospital, Bengaluru
Chronic Kidney treatment at vikram hospital
Kidney Transplant at Vikram hospital
Fainting, Drowsiness and dizziness treatment
My father had Multiple Compressions in the Spinal Cord
Severe Headache, was due to Brain tumor, diagnosed and treated at Vikram Hospitals
A complex Seizure, treated successfully by the Neuro team at Vikram Hospital
Running nose, out of control could be CSF (cerebrospinal fluid leakage).
C1 C2 Dislocation
Cervical Spinal Degeneration
Success Story: Israeli Designer Undergoes Complicated Spine Surgery
Trauma with major spine fracture treatment at Vikram hospital
Knee pain & arthritis treatment at vikram hospital
Hip and thigh fracture surgery at vikram hospital
Joint Replacement, performed successfully at Vikram Hospital, Bengaluru
My mother was a diabetic patient for 25 years
My mother was a diabetic patient for 25 years
Mr. Shankar underwent bypass surgery
Mr. Radha Krishna Gupta underwent double Knee Replacement Surgery
Mrs. Sujatha was treated by Dr. K S Satish
Mrs. Prabhavathi shares her experience about Vikram hospital's Post Operative Home Care Services.
Rwandan citizen Mr. Nsengimana Gentil talks about his experience of getting treated for Scoliosis at Vikram Hospital. He consulted with Dr. Amrithlal and his spine surgery was a success.
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