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Dr. Sumanth Raj
Dr. Sumanth Raj
  • Consultant in Vascular Surgery

About Dr. Sumanth Raj

  • MS


  • Fellowship in Vascular Surgery


Patient Satisfaction Reviews

  • Mivaan jain on 21 Nov 2017

I was here admitted for 8 days and I can tell that Vikram hospital is really very good.

In my experience the doctors were really very friendly and checking on me every time.

The nurse and other staff were really good.

I never felt lonely in here since the nurse would chat with me like a friend and I never felt here like I was condensed in small space cause the hospital is huge.

My experience was really cozy.

  • Daljit Sethi on 09 Oct 2017

Good set of Doctors in all faculties. Experienced and efficient nursing dept.

Hospital equipped with all modern facilities.

  • Rampayan Payan on 17 Sep 2017

Recently had to take a relative who was admitted. Good international experience, kind nurses. We had taken a twin sharing room. Good coverage of TV channels which keep your mind off your health condition. :) Food is available at top most floor. Its a little expensive but tasty. There is also a coffee day on ground floor