Misconceptions about conception, busting myths regarding pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most awaited period in a woman’s life. But with it also comes with a list of do’s and dont’s that she must follow for her own good. It is high time when these set of prescribed guidelines or myths around pregnancy were busted. Here’s making the task easier for you to burst the bubble:

Eating habits have to and need to change during pregnancy: The idea is not to stress and obsess. What worked for you before pregnancy will hold true even after. Just remember to eat small and frequent meals throughout the day that will supply you and your baby with enough amount of necessary nutrients. Also, do what your doctor says!

A few sips of alcohol never hurt anybody: Here the prevention is better than cure adage holds true. According to many studies it has been proven that all alcohol related disorders in newborns are completely preventable. So resist all such temptations during pregnancy.

Letting go is completely allowed: No, it’s not. The fact that you’re eating for two makes you believe that you can eat whatever you want. Stop making pregnancy an excuse for a cheat meals everyday when it’s only about 300-400 calories extra that you need per day. You should also not restrict your food intake during pregnancy due to the fear of gaining too much weight. Avoid all extremes!

Pregnant women shouldn’t go to the salon: People would probably tell you that you might get infected or inhale some dangerous fumes while getting pampered at the salon.
You could totally go in for a hair color or a manicure, just avoid doing so in the first trimester which is the most crucial time in the fetus’ growth.

Gyming is not allowed: You have to practise common sense here and avoid rigorous workout. But all pregnant women can and should hit the gym on a regular basis. This is both good for the baby, and keeping the mother’s weight in check.

Avoid caffeine altogether: Small amount of caffeine intake will in all probability won’t harm you or the baby. Consult your doctor and take the prescribed amount. Now breathe!

Seafood is bad for the baby’s growth: That’s not true. In fact, seafood is nutrient rich and very much advised for baby’s proper growth and development. You can eat fish that is rich in protein, iron and zinc. Just make sure you have well-cooked meals to avoid food poisoning.

There have always been and shall remain preconceived notions around pregnancy but each woman’s experience is different and subjective. It would be better to create your own ‘rulebook’ as what works for others may not work for you. So to all would be mothers – more power to you!

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