In #chemoembolization, anti-cancer drugs are injected directly into the blood vessel feeding a cancerous tumor.

A significant number of patients with #ColonCancer or #RectalCancer will develop spread of the cancer to the liver. Recent advances in liver-guided treatments have provided the opportunity to treat this form of tumor spread. #Chemoembolization involves administering an anticancer drug in spheres directly into the arteries that supply the tumor. It is designed to cut off the tumor’s blood supply to selectively destroy and kill the malignant cells. Know more: #MedicalBreakthrough



Vitamin D for Crohn’s Disease


#VitaminD, also called Sunshine Vitamin, is found in fatty fish such as salmon, in smaller amounts in cheese, egg yolks and beef liver, and in fortified foods such as milk. It helps people with #CrohnsDisease overcome the fatigue and decreased muscle strength. Know more: #MedicalFacts


Food for IBS


#IBS can be treated or controlled with medications. However, the first step is to make dietary and lifestyle changes with a low-fat diet, exercise and avoidance of alcohol and cigarette smoking. Know more: #FoodForIBS


Myths about Colonoscopy


While most people shy away from getting a #Colonoscopy test due to this myth, Colonoscopy is actually a very safe procedure. In fact, it is extremely effective in detecting Colon Cancer which is one of the most preventable cancers. Know more: #MythOrFacts


IRE: Medical Breakthrough for Pancreatic Cancer


Earlier destruction of the pancreatic tumor without surgically removing it was not possible since heat or cold damage had significant detrimental effects. IRE is a surgical technique that kills the cancer by using electrical fields to generate pores in the tumor cells. Know more: #MedicalBreakthrough #PancreaticTumor