Say NO To Crash Diets

A crash diet is a vigorous short term diet that aims at quick weight-loss. As attractive as quick weight loss sounds, it is really not the right thing you can do to your body.

It is a good thing to get conscious about your fitness and watch what you eat. But, that consciousness can spell trouble when you forget to draw the line and lose out on essential nutrients. Eating lesser calories works in favor of your weight-loss only when you complement it with physical exercise.  In addition, the calories must comprise of all the nutrients your body requires and be of permissible limit (at least 1,200 per day) as discussed in our previous blogs.An alternate way is weight loss surgery in india but that should be the last option.

 A crash diet fails to work on this level. It deprives the body of essential nutrients that not only brings down your metabolism but also causes harm to vital organs of the body. In the starvation mode that the body reaches on a crash diet, what you lose is carbohydrate glycogen (water weight) while stored fat remains as it is. Therefore, when you get back to a normal diet you get back the weight and a slowed metabolic rate will spoil your chances of weight loss all the more.

Moving on, crash diets and unhealthy starvation have an adverse effect on moods as a body deprived of nutrition begins to have sugar cravings that cannot be fulfilled. In worst cases, crash diets cause depression or severe eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia.

Fitness must be a life-style choice for as long as one lives and not a monthly affair that one can out-grow. A sudden weight loss is appealing for the moment but on the longer run, the natural vigor of the body gets ruined. Lose weight not health!

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