Go green to battle diabetes

Research findings have proven mommy’s age-old belief true – nutrition-rich, green leafy vegetables help you cut down the risk of diabetes. If you love greens, eat what you love all the more, to keep your sugar levels in check.

Greens are a great way to lose weight and that is how they are beneficial on many levels. They offer antioxidants, fiber content and Omega-3 fatty acids in plenty. Greens are a boon for those with diabetes also because they help in coping with arthritis that often accompanies diabetes.

Green vegetables are also a great way to fight Type-2 diabetes as they are magnesium rich and help cut down insulin-resistance. For those who are not too fond of greens, there are fun ways to include them in your diet.

One way is to make sandwich filling out of greens. Boil spinach and sauté with garlic and a bit of olive oil. This can go as a salad with dinner. You can make soups out of Palak and mint, adding few other vegetables to enhance flavor. Kale chips flavored with olive oil and sea-salt is an interesting idea too.

Measures as simple as including a bowl of half-baked leafy vegetables in your weekly diet can help you cut down the effect diabetes has on your body.

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