Significance of ICU corridor

For decades, hospitals across the globe have tried to keep visitors out of intensive-care units for more than a few minutes at a time. This year we decided to go the other way. So here it begins by Vikram Hospital inviting family members to move into the ICU ward and take a hand in the patient’s care.

Uncompromised treatment is paramount but the presence of family and loved ones by the side of a patient can’t be sidelined. For the first time ever, Vikram Hospital introduces a cutting edge state of the art ICU corridor designed just to keep the emotional aspect of critical care alive. We have realized during the course of our existence that nothing is bigger than human bonds and relationships. As a responsible healthcare provider it is very important to acknowledge this fact and do the needful. We at Vikram Hospital have cut across conventional intensive care protocol only to compliment our promise of humane approach towards intensive care.

We understand that it is absolutely comforting to have your loved one right in front of your eyes, especially when he/she is undergoing a complicated surgery or undergoing intensive care observation. With an aim to provide utmost comfort to the patient and the family members we have got our ICU corridor customized only to ease the emotional load of intensive medical care. We bring to you an exclusive facility which does not compromise with the sophistication of intensive care unit but provides a great degree of comfort to patient and visitor at the same time.

This transition may take some time for getting used to but the initiation so big has the potential to transform the existing approach of intensive care. Our staffs may have to curb the irreverent jokes and banter they once used to let off steam. Nurses may have to cede control they say, breaking from their general instinct to protect families from hard truths. The best part is they are learning to spend time coaching families on how to care for loved ones and prevent any form of infection.

We at Vikram Hospital believe that patients are comforted by having loved ones close at hand. There is no way to medically prove it but we are sure that presence of loved ones at our newly created ICU corridor will surely help the patients cope up with the dynamics of intensive care.

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