How can you help relieve sinusitis pain?

Sinuses are empty cavities lined up with a thin layer of mucus called mucous membranes. This
membrane is responsible for producing mucus. Sinusitis causes the lining to swell up which
leads to building up of mucus in the cavities behind the face. This inflammation makes the
drainage of mucus difficult which leaves pressure on the sinuses. This pressure on the sinus is
responsible for the pain felt around the nose, cheeks, and above the eyes.

Sinusitis is most commonly caused by bacterial/viral infections or allergies. Some people might
get sinus pain and congestion due to abnormal tissue growth inside the nose called nasal polyps
or due to a growth of an uneven wall of tissue between the nostrils called deviated septum.
Sinus pain due to an infection can go away in a few weeks and that due to an allergy might

Prolonged pains and symptoms which last for more than a week must be consulted with a
doctor. However, there are a few methods to make people feel better from sinusitis pain.

1. Rest
Rest is very important during sinusitis as the sinus pressure causes tension in the head,
neck, and face. Sleeping in the right posture can lessen the pain to a big extent. Elevate
the head up above the heart with pillows while sleeping to avoid sinus build-up and to
have a good sleep.

2. Hydrate
Dehydration can dry out the sinus passages which in turn can induce more pressure and
pain on the face. Staying hydrated throughout the day is crucial to reduce blockages in
sinuses. Intake of fruits and vegetables with high water content will also be helpful.

3. Steam inhalation
Steam inhalation helps in opening the passages in the nose. This, in turn, reduces the
sinus pressure. Another best thing about steam inhalation is that it is as easy to do at
home as much as it is effective.

4. Heat Up
Just like getting direct steam into the nose, taking a hot shower also helps. Steam
increases moisture in the air and thus moistens the sinus passages too. Placing a warm
cloth followed by a cold cloth over the painful areas can reduce the pain. Using a
humidifier can also help with the congestion.

5. Nasal spray
Inhaling saline solution directly into the nose can clear up the nose clogged with mucus.
Nasal saline sprays are available at drugstores or can be made at home with distilled
water, baking soda, and iodine-free salts.

6. Neti pots
This is a very popular sinus pain relief method. Netipots are usually used to drain the
nose and to keep the moisture in the mucous membrane. This method of draining
mucous is commonly known as nasal irrigation and is a tried and proved technique to
reduce sinus pain.

7. Exercise
Physical activity helps in blood circulation which reduces the recovery time. Yoga is the
best as there is a pose where the head is elevated which will help the body feel better
without much pressure on sinuses.

In case the sinus pain worsens or if there is a change in colour of mucus or prolonged fever with
nausea/vomiting, then the patient must be taken immediately go to a doctor. Also, if the home
remedies are not working out, it is always advisable to seek medical help ASAP. However, most
of the sinus pains can be brought down to a large extent with these small hacks.

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