What are the Types of Sports Injuries and What are the Treatments Available?

The injuries that occur while practising a sport or while doing exercise are called sports injuries. These kinds of injuries are most commonly seen in children and athletes. When a person practises a sport or engages in physical activity after a long break, it can also lead to sports injuries. A person is more prone to sports injuries when they fail to do a proper warm-up and also when they involve in contact sports.

Sports injuries can induce different kinds of pains to different parts of the body. The treatments will also be based on the symptoms. A sports injury can only be detected by a medical expert and for this reason, it is best recommended to seek medical assistance ASAP. The most commonly found sports injuries and their treatments are listed below.

  1. Sprain

The joints of our body are supported by ligaments. Overstretching or tearing of these ligaments lead to sprains. Daily activities that include twisting/rolling of the foot or a wrong step on an uneven surface can also be causes of ankle sprains. The pain can vary from mild to severe. RICE is the most common treatment method used for sprains. Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation can cure the sprain to a large extent.

2. Knee Injuries

Every injury that causes disturbance to the movement of knee muscles or joints can be categorised as a knee injury. It can also be a result of overstretching or tearing of muscles in the knee. A direct blow on the knee or an unexpected landing can cause knee injuries. Extreme pain along with swelling might be the symptoms in most of the cases. Knee injuries can be cured by wearing braces, undergoing physical treatment that includes physiotherapy, and sometimes with surgery.

3. Shin Splints

Shin splints are experienced by people who undergo physical activities that involve a lot of running. Patients experience pain in the lower leg part. The pain associated with shin splints can be controlled with stretching, resting, and ice. Athletes are recommended to use good shoes in order to avoid shin splints. Swelling caused by shin splints can be stopped with the use of bandages.

4. Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is usually seen among the people who are into racket sports or those who perform gripping activities. The repetitive actions involved with such activities can cause small tears on the tendons in the forearm that can lead to inflammation. Wearing braces and taking rest can be helpful to a large extent in case of tennis elbow. Severe cases can also be cured with surgeries.

5. Concussion

A direct blow on the head or body can lead to a concussion. It is a serious brain injury that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, memory loss, loss of consciousness, etc, are the symptoms of concussion. Patients have to restrain from physical activities and mental stress and get enough rest to get recovered from a concussion.

Although most of the sports injuries are cured with proper rest and physiotherapy, it is incredibly important to seek medical help at the earliest. Over-the-counter medications just provide temporary relief to the pain and swelling. Only a medical expert could find out the depth of a sports injury. It is also important to take necessary prevention steps while practising sports to avoid sports injuries. Never practise sports or intense workouts without expert assistance and also avoid overdoing it, especially after a sports injury.

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