10 simple cardio exercises for better heart health

Our heart is a muscle which is responsible for blood circulation in our body. In order to keep our heart healthy, we need to ensure this muscle gets a good amount of movement every day. While our lifestyle tends to become more sedentary the effects of such a lifestyle can be seen nationwide with an increase in the number of heart issues and deaths caused.

According to a recent study, The Lancet, which is a part of Million Death Study project set up by Registrar General of India (RGI) in collaboration with global health experts shows that heart ailments caused more than 2.1 million deaths in India in 2015 at all ages, or more than a quarter of all deaths. At ages 30-69 years, of 1.3 million cardiovascular deaths, 0.9 million (68.4%) were caused by coronary heart disease and 0.4 million (28.0%) by a stroke. Adults born after the 1970s are much more vulnerable to such deaths than those born earlier.

There are plenty of ways to keep our heart strong and healthy. One of the advised ways is to spend at least 30 minutes everyday exercising by doing some cardio exercises which help us in increasing our heart rate giving it a good amount of movement. There are various types of cardio exercises that can help you lead an active life. Here is a list of 10 simple cardio exercises for better heart health:

Brisk Walking:

One of the easiest ways to keep us active is going for brisk walks. Incorporate brisk walks with your daily chores or get up in the morning, breathe in some fresh air while you take a walk in a park. Brisk walks can not only help us keep our heart strong but also help in alleviating our mood, strengthening our bones and improve body balance. You can start off with walks and increase the pace as per your stamina and comfort.


Not everyone might be comfortable with the idea of running but it has great benefits to offer. It can help in stress reduction, improvement of overall health, and weight reduction. Running every day for 30 minutes can help you feel better and set the right amount of energy to start off your day.


Cycling is something that can be done both outdoor or indoor(stationary). Doing a good 20 – 30 minutes of medium pace cycling can help you burn around 80-100 calories. Cycling every day can help you build muscle strength, keep you happy and improve posture. It not only offers physical benefits but also helps an individual feel more relaxed and happy. People with arthritis can benefit from cycling as it places low impact on joints.

Jumping Ropes:

A great cardio exercise that can burn up to 200 calories in 20 minutes depending upon the pace. Although it looks very easy, people often trip over the rope and fall. Hence this form of exercise can take a while before you master the skill to jump rope without having to take a fall. While jumping ropes always ensure the rope is turning using your wrists and avoid jumping too high. You can start off with 5 – 10 counts of the jumping session and move higher as the body gets used to it.

Climbing up the staircase:

To incorporate some activity into our busy schedule try climbing staircases whenever possible. Be it at your apartment or at work, try taking the stairs as it is an excellent cardio workout. It helps our body produce a hormone known as endorphin responsible for the sense of happiness. However, be mindful to watch your step stairs and always use the handrailing to avoid falling.

Jumping Jacks:

A fun cardio exercise, jumping jacks is a full body workout which can be done anywhere. Jumping jacks involve a lot of muscle movement hence they increase the heart rate quickly. Apart from heart health they also help you improve muscle tone and help reduce stress.


One of the famous cardio exercises is swimming. When done in continuous laps it can help you burn a high amount of calories by keeping your heart rate up. Even leisurely swimming is considered a cardio exercise. Swimming can help you maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart, and lungs. It also takes off impact stress off the body.

Walking uphill or on an inclined treadmill:

Walking uphills or on an inclined treadmill can help you burn those extra calories easily as it involves more effort while walking. It doesn’t only help in reducing weight but also helps tone the lower body muscles including calves. In case there are no hills in the vicinity, one can also use the inclined treadmill at home or a gym. Climbing up a hill can help us heart disease as it increases the blood flow rate keeping our heart healthy and body fit.


Dancing your heart out can help you keep your heart stronger as it is an high-intensity workout. You may not need a dance floor every time, you can also dance at home with the music of your choice. This activity is more of a fun and relaxing one. It can be done for an hour per week or few minutes every day. Dancing is considered to be a great workout for both our mind and body.


Rowing is rather a sport than an exercise. Irrespective of your rowing skills,  it can be performed indoor or outdoor. Rowing can make your heart pump faster hence making your heart rate higher. It will not only help you improve your cardiovascular system but also other parts of the body. To start off with, you can always aim for 8 – 10 rows a minute for 5 minutes for a relatively good amount of calorie burn.

These cardio exercises can be followed by some strength and stretching exercises in your daily exercise routine to keep your mind fresh and maintain a healthy body. Remember every exercise needs the patience to see the results, while you are on your way to maintain a healthy heart and body don’t forget to appreciate yourself.

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