How can your food choices affect your Cholesterol numbers?

Eating habits and cholesterol levels are interrelated so much so that if one type of cholesterol is bothering you, you will need to regulate the whole food intake cycle that you follow. Cholesterol is the fatty substance found in your blood that is of two types – Good Cholesterol (HDL) and the Bad Cholesterol (LDL). Accumulation of bad cholesterol in the body is bad for health and to reduce it one needs to choose a variety of foods that are rich in fibre and put a limit on sugar, fatty, and salty takeaway meals. LDL known as the bad cholesterol leads to plaque build-up in the arteries whereas the good cholesterol helps excrete excess cholesterol from the body.

It is important to know that 25% of the cholesterol in your system comes from the dietary sources and the rest is produced by the liver. Thus food choices that you make affect your cholesterol levels. High cholesterol levels are linked with the increased risk of heart diseases. Your diet is the key factor in deciding the health risk factors and your cholesterol. Make friends with healthy food that helps in giving your body all the right nutrients and no heart diseases. Here’s a quick list to help you make your own food chart and follow it to your heart.

– Eat lots of fruits.

– Make friends with green vegetables, legumes, and beans.

– Eat lean meat, fish, eggs, tofu cheese, nuts, and seeds.

– Consume milk, yoghurt, and cheese

– Choose cereals and wholegrain and high fibre food over high-calorie ones

– Opt to use healthy oils that come packed with health benefits like the sunflower oil, mustard oil, canola oil and olive oil that help better the taste of the dish and keep your heart healthy.

– Throw in split beans (kidney beans, baked beans, and the likes) or lentils in your food to make the balance the composition of good and bad cholesterol.

– Add lots of fibre-rich food in your diet such as fruits, legumes. soybean, baked beans and cereals like oats and barley that not only aid in digestion but also help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Keep faith in yourself and stay motivated in the fight against cholesterol and make a shift in your diet for your food choices affect your cholesterol numbers directly. Eating junk food and aerated drinks will eventually do bad to your body and your health. It is never too late to begin. So, start now and lead towards a conscious and healthy life ahead!

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