Pregnancy in your 40s: is the biological clock a myth?

With the rapid change in the lifestyle of millennials, women have empowered themselves with the changing times. They want to be independent and self-sufficient and ready before they become mothers. The concept of the biological clock is being discussed at length.

Depending on the different body types, women in their 40s have different body tendencies. Some women in their 40s may conceive naturally without the assistance of a gynaecologist. Women at this age after using a lot of contraception may assume that their biological clock has stopped resulting in not conceiving naturally. It might be difficult to get pregnant during the 40s as the chances of the same decline with each passing year. The female body goes through different changes, while people also believe that with each passing birthday after 35 years of age, the chances of having a baby with genetic disorder increases.

But that’s a myth. A biological clock in the context of pregnancy isn’t recognised. The actual ‘biological clock’ regulates the sleep cycle resulting in mood swings than calculating womb cycles. The clock in the body calculates the bodily behaviours which help the body do things that it is meant for it to do. The idea of a biological clock was conceived with the idea that women need to plan pregnancies earlier than later in life.

Culture has more to do with the biological clock than medical science. Telling women that there are certain “bodily goals” to be attained before it is too late. But medically, there isn’t much truth to this. An ovulating woman can get pregnant at any stage in her life. If someone is willing to have a child but is having trouble at any stage, they can reach out to a gynaecologist who can guide them.   After detailed tests of both individuals, doctors can prescribe medication to ensure pregnancy.

A lot of couples face problems conceiving, it could be due to stress, health-related the issues. One can opt for changing lifestyles, taking supplements, opting for IVF or any other treatment method that the doctor sees fit. The idea of the biological clock needs to be rethought or rather not thought about at all!

Parenthood is beautiful, relax and enjoy it when you feel ready!

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