Here is a way to erase your mistake

You may be familiar with this scenario – boy and girl fall in love. Their romance is the stuff of movies. From being together every single moment they could to taking a zillion selfies together that have made their friends unfollow them on Instagram, the couple’s love does not seem to dim even for a while. Then suddenly, the unthinkable happens – they breakup. Now both are left with bittersweet memories and their ex-‘s name tattooed across their arms.

Tattoos are valued for their characteristic of showing the world your beliefs or love without ever saying a word and also for its permanence. But sometimes like the couple in the story above, tattoos can lose their charm and become a burden. Sometimes, as they age a tattoo that a person had inked during their younger days lose meaning or they tend to garner unwanted attention and ridicule. Other times, you get a tattoo because it seemed cheap and you find that the face of Micheal Jackson looks surprisingly like E.T.

So, what is the solution? The couple in the story could reconcile but their friends seem dead set against it. The other two options are – tattoo removal or covering the tattoo with another tattoo. Tattooing over a tattoo is hard work and needs skilled hands. You should only ever take the help of an extremely expert tattoo artist for such a work. But, unfortunately, you will still think of the first mistake when you see the new tattoo. So the best bet is tattoo removal.

Unlike the scene in Ghajini where the bad guys erase the hero’s tattoos in a very crude and painful way, laser tattoo removal is safe, relatively pain-free and successfully removes most of the tattoo.

Priyanshu (name changed), a tax consultant talks about getting his tattoo removed, “When I was about 15, I was very crazy about a particular death-metal band and got their name tattooed across my arm. But later on I slowly lost interest in them and the tattoo was more of an embarrassment rather than pride. I was hoping for a way out. When I checked with renowned tattoo artist, he told me whatever design he created over it will only make the tattoo larger and more visible. I knew I had to get it removed. Thankfully, my friend was a close associate Dr. Shetty. When I can to know about his expertise, I instantly booked myself a laser procedure for tattoo removal with him. Now my arm is bare and there is no trace of a tattoo being there at all.”

Dr. M K Shetty, Consultant Dermatologist & Aesthetic Surgeon at Vikram Hospital clarifies, “Tattoo removal has become commonplace due to laser technology. With the advancement in equipment like the continuous wave lasers and Q-switched lasers it has become easier to get rid of tattoos. But be sure to go to professional aesthetic surgeons because these surgeries require a precision and knowledge that comes with experience.”

So, whether it is a tattoo of Pringles logo or a great saying spelled wrong, you can have your mistake erased with just a simple laser treatment.

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