World First Aid Day (10 September 2022): Preparing A Basic First Aid Kit

Emergencies can come at any point in time and the first thing that comes handy is the first aid kit. An exclusive bundle of most important emergency supplies like the bandages and pain killers, first aid kits help suffice for the time till you get medical help from the nearest hospital. First Aid is the first point of contact in case of emergencies occurring due to many reasons be it meeting with a sudden accident, getting a sprain, or certain panic attacks. If you are allergic to something or have a medical problem that can trigger at any point in time it is advisable to keep track of all your medications in your first aid kit as it can help you in case of emergencies. First aid kits should be made in a water-resistant and big box with compartments and be placed at home and in the vehicle you ride.

First aid kits should contain a doctor’s prescription along with medicines if you are traveling through a longer route for a few days. In another case, if you suffer from a prolonged illness like respiratory infections of fever, nasal congestion, cough and cold you should have the medications for these diseases handy. Keep a manual or a list of emergency contact numbers including contact numbers of friends and family, doctor and list of hospitals and their contact details to help you just in case you need urgent medical assistance. This may also come handy for the people around you if you go unresponsive in the medical emergency.

This World First Aid Day make a list of these first aid kit essentials to keep safe and healthy :

  • First aid bags can be inexpensive regular bags like makeup bags or small jute bags. Label the bag well with tags indicating it is a medical first aid kit.
  • Either divide one bag into two compartments or keep two separate bags one for wound supplies and another for medicines.
  • The first aid kit should have a list of emergency phone numbers, Band-Aids, wet wipes, a hand sanitizer, scissors, safety pins, cold packs, thermometer, and a flashlight.

Keep a close check on the following to keep safe :

  • Make sure you keep a monthly check on the first aid kit supplies.
  • Check for expiry dates of medicines and discard already expired medicines and replace them.
  • Let your loved ones know where the kit is placed in the house to grab it in case of an emergency.

Keep safe with medical first aid kits with all the important supplies and make way for a safe comeback in case of an emergency. First Aid kit should be your weapon against any adversities for sure. Keep Safe and Healthy!

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