3 Ways to Deal With Stress

Gone are the days where we would have to wait for hours in a queue to order food, book a cab or tickets. We have come along way. Everything is just a click away. Which has made our lives a lot easier, but stressed at the same time. But life isn’t just ordering food or taking a trip across Europe. Mental Health and Stress Management are a huge concern we see nowadays.

Everyone we know of is dealing with stress. How do we get away with it?

Here are 3 ways of dealing with modern-day problems:

1. FOMO: Fear of Missing Out

Traveling, NYE parties, clubbing, social media (Instagram worthy pictures), Netflix and a lot of other things one could do over a weekend or on a daily basis and because we have so many options we tend to feel left out most of the time.

Your colleague/friend seems to be traveling very often and you wish to do it too, but you can’t. You either don’t get time or have way too many responsibilities.

Which stresses you out.

You can’t help but wonder how can your colleague/friend do it and you can’t. You can feel the stress building up within you. Or let’s say you always wanted to go to one of those NYE Parties, but never could. Whatever it may be, you don’t have to feel left out. While others can go on a fancy Europe trip or attend an NYE Party, there are other things you could do. Feeling left out on New Year’s Eve? Bring the party home. Call home your friends or you could just enjoy with your family.

Want to travel the world? Start with a place near you, which would not cost you much and you could make it over the weekend. We should be glad the other person can do it or is doing it. You can do a lot of other stuff.

Small things make a big difference!

2. Competition

Sharma Ji ka beta is doing way better in life than you and your parents can’t stop talking about him?

I think we all have been compared to someone or the other while we were growing up.

There is always someone who is doing better than you and that’s fine. You are doing your best and you should be proud of yourself.

There are times where we tend to compete with someone at work or a friend who is at a much better place in life than you are. Putting up a competition with someone is never going to do you good. Be happy for the person. If you feel sad or stressed about your growth. Then, set some goals for yourself and keep working on achieving them. Competition is not going to help you reduce stress. It’s just going to add on.

3. Work-Life Balance

Getting the perfect work-life balance is stressful. Taking back work home and walking into the office with your personal problems is what we see happen all the time. The best way to get the perfect work-life balance is to keep your professional and personal life out of one another’s way. Don’t take your professional life when you enter the home. You need to cut off from work to keep your mind healthy.  The same goes for your personal life. Don’t walk into the office with your personal problems.

You can always check up at home during your break, but otherwise, your focus should be on your work.

These are the most talked-about modern-day problems with ways to keep stress at bay. Now that you know how to deal with these problems, do try them out and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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