The physical benefits of being in love

The physical benefits of being in love

It’s that time of the year again, where love is in the air and might even be knocking at our doors. We know that love does wonders for those in love, but did you know that being in love has a lot of health benefits as well? The physical health benefits of love last much longer than the honeymoon phase and help you live a healthier life in the long run.

Human beings are wired for connection and a healthy relationship can have immense rewards. Here’s why you should consider opening the door the next time love knocks:

1. Love makes you take better care of yourself

In a healthy relationship, you look after your partner as well as yourself. Both parties take care of each other by encouraging healthier behaviors. A partner can motivate you to quit smoking, cut down on drinking and develop safer habits in its place. It is likely that your partner might be one of the only few people who will notice a suspicious mole or be honest with you about your hygiene.  In love, you owe it to your partner to look after yourself because your partner is doing the same for you

2. Love helps you live longer

Studies have shown that people in loving relationships live longer lives. This can be attributed to the constant social and emotional support, adherence to medical care and having a partner who helps you to stay away from bad behavior. Associated with better health, a healthy relationship reduces the chances of early death.

3. Love boosts your immune system

Feeling loved can provide a powerful lift to your immune system. Support systems are proven to be useful, especially in healing processes. Research has shown that those in strong and healthy relationships can help avert the cold and flu and help injuries heal quicker. Experiencing genuine care from a loved one helps increase the release of your body’s natural antibody to help fight germs.

4. Love helps you look younger

Ever heard of a loving glow? It’s the kind of glow that makes you look young and refreshing because you are in love. Those in happy relationships tend to look physically younger. The consistently increasing blood flow to the skin gives your skin cells just the right amount of nutrients and oxygen needed to look young and beautiful. Moreover, sleeping next to your partner is proven to help you sleep and we all know what beauty sleep is.

5. Love eases anxiety and reduces stress

Mental and physical health are fundamentally linked together – it is not going to be easy to maintain good physical health with deteriorating mental health. Positive relationships are just what we need to comfort us during times of anxiety and stressful situations. A strong romantic relationship can keep us happy by protecting our bodies from high levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. A loving and stable romance can protect you from anxiety attacks, high blood pressure, strokes, and other cardiovascular diseases.

In truth, it takes a more stable and calmer relationship to truly reap the benefits. If not, you could find yourself in a relationship that can do more harm than good. Keeping these points in mind, we should work towards developing healthy relationships over toxic ones.

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