Keeping up with antibiotics: Are you a part of the problem?

Let us start with what antibiotics are. Any kind of drug that helps in killing the germs in the body
is technically an antibiotic as the word “antibiotic” means “against life”. So as years passed by,
people have concluded to use antibiotics on any and every illness as a cure. This is one of the
biggest myths that needs to be burst. ANTIBIOTICS ARE MEDICINES THAT WORKS ONLY
AGAINST INFECTIONS CAUSED BY BACTERIA. Antibiotics kill the bacteria in the body or stop
the bacteria from copying or multiplying themselves.

The overuse of antibiotic medication can lead to the bacteria resisting the medication at some
point. This resistance can protect the bacteria from acting against the medication by
neutralizing the effect of medication. Before the 1920s, bacterial infections have caused the
death of many. However, by the 1940s, after the discovery of antibiotics the life expectancy has
increased as the surgeries were less risky. It also helped people to survive deadly infections.

The most important step during an illness is understanding the illness. Determining whether the
infection is viral or bacterial plays a crucial role in the prescription of medicines. We always
have to leave that part to doctors and tests advised by them. Conditions like sinus infections,
sore throats, and respiratory infections can be caused by bacteria or viruses. The “popping a
pill” culture has done a lot of damage to the self-medication trend among us.

Improper use of antibiotics has a lot of side-effects. At some point, antibiotics will start
becoming the villain instead of saving us. This is because the bacterial drugs not only kill the
harmful bacteria but also do damage to the beneficial bacteria which helps us in staying
healthy. Overuse of bacterial drugs leads to antibiotic resistance which risks your health and the
health of the community. Once you pass on the germs to someone, you pass on highly resistant
bacteria which can only be cured with a high dosage of serious medication.

It is highly advisable to go for antibiotic drugs only under doctor prescriptions. Researches are
happening where they even put the duration of antibiotics into question. Never go for
antibiotics until and unless your doctor confirms it to be a bacterial infection. Because the
bacterium that survives an antibiotic treatment is the most harmful as they keep on
reproducing along with passing on its resistant properties to neighbors. The common type of
infection where antibiotics are used are sinus infections, dental infections, skin infections,
meningitis, strep throat, and whooping cough. On the other hand, common cold and flu are
usually caused by viruses. Common side effects of antibiotic overuse are digestive problems,
fungal infections, drug interactions, photosensitivity, tooth, and bone staining. Overuse of bacterial drugs on a serious end can even cause Anaphylaxis, an extremely severe allergic reaction, and clostridium-difficile infection, an infectious diarrheal illness.

It is very important to make wise decisions about medications as it can be a killer than a saver if
it goes wrong. Even when prescribed by the doctor, make sure you never take them for a period
more than what is advised by a doctor. Only go for antibiotics when they are most needed, that
too only with doctor consultation and prescription.

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