Hypertension during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful feeling for both parents. While pregnancy feels wonderful, it comes with its own share of symptoms of feeling tired, bloating, mood swings, swollen feet and much more. What more comes along during pregnancy is hypertension which is very common but yes high blood pressure can cause harm during and after delivery. Fret not, hypertension is curable and preventable too.

What is Hypertension?

Hypertension is the other name of high blood pressure. BP higher than or equal to 130/80mm Hg is high BP. A BP higher than 130/80mm Hg during pregnancy is considered to be a concern.

Complications during pregnancy - The mothers might just need a labor induction to give birth or placental abruption where the placenta separates from the wall of the uterus. The baby might suffer from an early birth i.e. before 37 weeks of pregnancy with low birth weight coz the high blood pressure in the mother makes it difficult for the baby to get oxygen and food to grow resulting in early delivery of the baby.

Causes of Hypertension?

  • Weight of the mothers
  • smoking and drinking, Taking stress about the first time delivery
  • family history of similar hypertension
  • Age - Women over the age of 35 years expecting a baby are at a higher risk of high blood pressure.
  • Hormonal misbalance

Types of Hypertension range from Chronic Hypertension which occurs during the initial 20 weeks of pregnancy and can be treated with BP medicines, Gestational Hypertension that develops after the 20th week of pregnancy and when hypertension is diagnosed during or before 30 weeks there is a chance for the mothers to develop preeclampsia when they release protein in the urine and have/or might have other complications as well during the pregnancy cycle.

The symptoms of Hypertension other than the numbers reflected on the BP machine are consistent headache, feeling of dizziness, nausea, feeling low and experiencing cold and clammy skin. You can easily avoid high blood pressure by consuming the medications on time, eat healthy food where you consume food with less salt, staying active and not indulge in smoking, drinking or consuming drugs. Keeping safe is in your hands for you and your child to be healthy. Always keep walking and avoid long hours of sitting. A healthy weight of the mother and the child should be ideal to avoid medications and a smooth pregnancy journey!

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