Monsoon showers bring with them fevers: Why people fall sick when it rains

Monsoons come as a blessing to the cities that suffer from the extreme summer heat, by bringing rains and cold breeze. Despite being a blessing, monsoons tend to bring various maladies along with it too. With monsoon comes water-borne diseases that are communicable but are preventive too. After rains, some amount of water stays back in small areas creating a puddle or collect in tyres and empty planters, which become a breeding ground for the mosquitoes who then transmit diseases of different kinds. This is one of the reasons why people fall sick when it rains.

Influenza or the common cold is rampant during monsoons. Certain viruses infect the upper respiratory tract which affects the nose and throat resulting in cough and cold. Eating a regular healthy diet can prevent one from catching the virus and getting ill.

Cholera also is a monsoon disease that spreads during the monsoons. The bacterial disease is caused by the contamination in food and water which in turn causes diarrhoea and vomiting. Immediate access to clean drinking water and better-sanitized circumstances can help keep cholera away.

Typhoid is another waterborne disease that happens due to a bacteria called ‘Salmonella’ which again spread s through contaminated food with the faeces of an infected person. Patients tend to get a high fever, headache, vomiting, and abdominal pain.

People also tend to get Dengue Fever, a virus transmitted by mosquitoes typically the one with black and white strips. These mosquitoes generally bite in the morning and evening. The dengue mosquito bite leads to severe joint pain, headache and rashes well. It is advisable for the people to wear full sleeve clothing, apply high-quality mosquito repellent and seek to advise from the family doctors.

As understandable, it is not the monsoons that bring in the diseases but the living conditions around you. Simple steps like keeping the surroundings clean, emptying any vessel/place with stagnant water to avoid breeding of mosquitoes. Keep your hand sanitized properly and consume foods rich in Vitamin C and green leafy vegetables, also make sure to keep a distance from the people already infected with cold and cough. Avoid sharing food and drinks with them during this time. It is also advisable to keep dry or avoid staying in wet clothes for too long to dodge catching the viruses that might end up making you sick. Keep dry and keep clean!

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