Screen time for kids: Is there a reason to worry?

In today’s time and age, technology has advanced with the intention of making life easy for the masses like how a laptop is compact and highly accessible, like how mobile phones are little gadgets that encapsulate everything from calendars to calculators to calls. But since excessive use of anything is bad, mobile phones come with their own set of disadvantage.

Children and mobile phones have become like a flame to a moth. This is the reason why screen time for kids need to be limited, be it on the TV or computer or mobile phones. It is dangerous for the eyesight, their brain development and learning process. Our generation of kids is growing up with smartphones, tablets and other gadgets like PS4, Nintendo, etc that are a great distraction for the kids and the adults alike.

There is a reason to worry – the amount of time the kid spend watching the TV screen is unconsciously playing havoc in the child’s brain. According to many kinds of research, it has been found that kids spending more than 5-7 hours on watching TV suffer from premature thinning of the cortex which is the outermost layer of the brain that processes information. Excessive screen time also lowers children’s academic performance where it has been observed difficulty in conducting mental tasks efficiently by the kids. Kids who spend a lot of time on any type of screen do not tend to go out and play which adds to weight gain. This is because children are not conscious enough to know how much food they intake. Also, advertisements incite the kids to keep trying new things especially junk food available on offers.

At the time of sleep too the light emitted by the smartphones is not recommended for the children as it postpones the sleep cycle and reduces the amount of sleep the child gets. Less sleep increases the chance of mood swings and irritation in kids. Also, more screen time results in cutting the child’s communication with the family making the child feel isolated thus adding on to the feeling of introversion and hesitation in communication.

Screens especially phone screens emit harmful radiation that also adds on to the neck and back strain among the children. Hence, screen time should be limited to one hour for the children to protect them from long hours of exposure to the phone screens.

Spend quality time with your child and spare yourself the horrors discussed in the article!

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