Is there a remedy for Pollen allergy?

Pollen grains are produced by the plants. These are small & light and reach you by traveling long distances through the air. Pollen from various plants can cause irritation to your nose and develop conditions like inflammation of nasal lining also referred to as Allergic Rhinitis.

What are the symptoms of Pollen allergy?

Once you come into contact with the pollen, you can develop mild to severe rhinitis. It has cold-like symptoms such as running nose, sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, headaches and these can lead to excessive fatigue in your body causing strain while doing daily chores as well as sleep disturbances. It is very crucial to visit your physician if you have a severe form of allergy as it may continue for weeks and cause disruption in your healthy life. The severity of the allergic reaction depends upon your immune levels. Lower the immunity, greater are the chances of the development of a severe form of allergic hypersensitivity.

What are the various remedies for pollen allergy?

Treating pollen allergy with medicines

As the body fights against the allergy-causing agent, the doctor advises you to take Steroids and Antihistamines. These drugs compress typical body response against the hostile irritant and that decreases the inflammation, itchiness, stuffiness in your nose and other symptoms associated with the allergy.

If you are wary and concerned about your allergies, you can get yourself diagnosed with an allergy by undertaking a skin prick test or blood test. These tests record the sensitivity reaction towards the pollen when you are given exposure in a test environment.

Prevention of pollen allergy

Bangalore is notorious for the pollen-rich dry air especially in the months of July to September. Avoiding the exposure to the allergen becomes difficult as it isn’t feasible for the working people to keep themselves to the indoors due to commutation. But you can definitely help yourself by wearing a mask or other similar protective covering for your face and prevent inhalation of the pollens inside. Regular cleansing of face and bathing before your sleep at night can clean any residual pollen on your skin or hair.

Your immunity has a key role in the severity and occurrence of the disease in the first place. So, you can begin by consuming plenty of seasonal vegetables and fruits to boost your immunity levels. Also, practice meditation & perform yoga exercises for breathing. This works to de-stress your body and it should be done on a regular basis to achieve the best results.

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