How blood donation can actually help your health

Blood donation is not a novel act as it has been prevalent for decades, however, it is considered to be extremely noble. Blood donation is the process of having one’s blood drawn voluntarily and further used for blood transfusions and made into biopharmaceutical medications through fractionation. Though donating blood is rampant but there are several myths and misconceptions about it. This article is aimed to educate you about blood donation and how it can actually help your health and encourage you to donate blood and do your part to help someone in need.
Blood donations are generally required when patients require transfusion due to cancer, chronic anemia, bleeding disorders, sickle cell anemia, severe accidents, hereditary blood abnormalities.

So, here are some reasons why blood donation is a boon and can help improve your health:

Prevents Hemochromatosis
Hemochromatosis is a condition that is caused by excessive absorption of iron in one’s body that may be caused by anemia, alcoholism or other disorders. It is known to help reduce the risk of Hemochromatosis.

Cleanses your system
Blood donations are very useful in order to cleanse your body. Blood generally replenishes itself within one day and donating blood not only might save someone in need but also helps cleanse your system. It also helps in maintaining a good blood circulation.

For a healthy heart & Liver
Blood donations have high chances of reducing the risks of liver and heart ailments that may have been caused due to over-absorption of iron in the blood. Excessive iron in the body causes liver cirrhosis, liver failure, etc and donating your blood will help maintain the iron level in your body.

Weight Loss
Blood donors who donate blood regularly usually lose weight. This kind of weight loss is often considered healthy. Blood donation also helps reduce risks of cardiovascular diseases especially for those who are obese or on the verge of obesity.

Builds positivity
This particular point might not be directly related to your health but definitely affects the overall aspect of your body. Blood donation is often done to help others in need, especially if you have a rare blood type, which implies that the person who might be in need of the same blood type was looking for someone’s blood for longer than the rest as it is rare to get such blood types. However, having donated your blood has a positive and motivating effect on you as you are made aware that you could be the reason of someone’s treatment or might even be the cause of saving someone’s life especially in cases of accidents, disasters, etc.

Overall, blood donation has more advantages than you can imagine. However, blood donation must be done regularly but after meeting the necessary criteria to do so such as age, prerequisite health conditions, etc. Once, you are given the green flag from the doctor to go ahead and donate blood, there is nothing that should stop you from doing so!

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