Dry Skin During Monsoon

The change in season affects everyone’s skin. With the sudden drop or rise in temperature, humidity, wind and UV exposure our skin reacts respectively. The same goes for the Monsoon Season. The rainy season surely brings joy to everyone, as it relieves us from the scorching heat of the Summer months. However, the monsoon season is not good news for a lot of people as their skin begins to get dry during this season. Know more about dry skin during the monsoon season below.

This damp and humid weather brings with itself a range of problems for everyone. Apart from dangerous diseases, it also brings along skin problems. Usually, the skin tends to get more oily than normal during this season. However, it is not the same for everyone. People who normally have dry skin, the monsoons just make it worse for them. Causing their skin to act out in different ways such as invisible pores, flaky and patchy skin. Furthermore, it is also noticed that taking hot water showers irritate the skin more. Making the skin extremely dry and having to moisturise your body every now and then. Another common mistake people do is they tend to exfoliate their skin more than required in a week. Using a scrub more than twice a week is not required. Excessive scrubbing tends to remove the natural oils leaving the skin dry and flaky.

Given that people with dry skin face a lot of issues during the monsoon season, it is vital for them to take more care of their skin. Here are a few tips that could help you get past your skin issues during this season.

Stay Hydrated: While it goes without saying that no matter what the season it is, drinking enough of water is extremely important. Nevertheless, people with dry skin should pay more attention to what goes into their body. The increase in humidity tends to make people sweat causing dehydration, which shows on your skin as well. Drink plenty of water and other fluids to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. The best of dermatologists recommend everyone to drink plenty of water for healthy and glowing skin.

Avoid Hot Showers: This one is a big NO-NO! Take a note of the temperature of the water you are taking a shower with. Absolutely hot and steamy showers are not at all recommended as it drys and damages your skin, further weakening your skin capillaries.

Avoid Using Alcohol-Based Products: Toners or any product that has alcohol as one of its ingredients should be avoided. While alcohol in products are used as preservatives or to fight bacteria, it also rips the skin out of its moisture. The alcohol in your skincare products drys your skin even more. Hence, they are best avoided. You can switch to plant-based or more natural products when it comes to applying them on your skin.

Exfoliate Gently: You don’t have to skip this step, just don’t overdo it. Exfoliating is good for your skin, but a certain amount of times. Once or twice a week is good, but more than that just rips your skin of all its moisture. Furthermore, exfoliating is an important step for people with dry and flaky skin. The AHAs are effective for this skin type and the glycolic acid will help remove the dead cells on the surface of your skin. Doing this once in a while will help you get that healthy-looking skin.

The Monsoon Season is refreshing in many ways for sure, but it has its set of setbacks as well. So, while you enjoy the season, ensure you take care of your skin closely. Have a routine for your skin, know which products suit you and moisturise your skin generously.

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