How to maintain a healthy gut clean especially during monsoons?

Monsoon brings with it several emotions to different people. Some love the rains, some despise the damp weather and some enjoy bingeing on spicy, fried snacks! Whatever might bring you delight, there’s no doubt that monsoon is one interesting month, even for diseases. Plenty of air-borne and water-borne disease are rampant during this season. Although they may appear to be inevitable, there are some easy ways to steer clear of any kind of disease during this time.

Some small alterations and adjustments in your diet can keep you far away from falling sick in your gut, this season.

  • Stay away from sugar
    Sugar, especially refined sugar is something you must completely resist. It promotes the growth of bad bacteria and obstructs the gut flora balance.
  • Welcome the bitter truth
    Include some bitters into your daily food intake in the form of fenugreek seeds, bitter gourds, bottle gourds, neem leaves, etc as they can help clean out your guts and keep a check on your digestive system.
  • Keep it light
    Eat more foods that are easy to digest and easier to excrete! Eat in shorter intervals and eat lighter foods that go easy on your stomach and your guts.
  • Squeeze the juices, please
    Drink plenty of fresh juices, provided they are made at home. Water flushes out toxins and boosts the digestive system. They replenish the lost energy caused due to humidity and provides you with a lot of energy. Outside vendors, however, impose the threat of having cut them earlier and exposing them to contamination.
  • Stay clean, avoid greens
    This might sound counterintuitive but as much as vegetables are good for your health and immunity, avoiding leafy vegetables during monsoon expose you to several risks. The dampness and grime make the greens highly susceptible to germs and bacteria. So, no to green for a short span is a good idea!
  • Ditch the fizz
    As mentioned before, your digestive system is already weakened due to the humidity. Drinking fizzy drinks can further deprive your body of essential minerals. It’s highly recommended that you stick to regular water or ever boiled water during this season if you are especially particular about your health.
  • Boost your probiotics
    Try and enhance the intake of natural probiotics such as buttermilk, yoghurt, fermented soya bean water. They contain good bacteria that can improve nutrition absorption.
  • Keep a check
    Above all else, make sure to visit the gastrointestinal doctor if you have loose motions, nausea, chronic stomach aches and vomiting since it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

In the light of making monsoons gut-friendly, these tips and suggestions can prove to of great help! So, keep making wise choices for your body and have a happy monsoon!

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