What do you do when someone you love has schizophrenia?

Having a family member or a loved one going through any medical condition is very difficult and schizophrenia is particularly difficult to handle. However, giving support to a family member or a friend with schizophrenia implies helping them with both medical and psychological guidance. Schizophrenia is a complex condition and needs to tended carefully. A loved one can have one of many types of schizophrenia, however, the way to help someone involves almost the very same steps.  One of the steps to providing someone with help with their mental health is to first learn about their condition in depth and understand the nuances of the same.

These are a few ways that can help expedite the process of helping someone with schizophrenia:

  • Get educated
    Schizophrenia is quite a difficult mental condition to understand. So, in order to help someone, you need to know about the illness in detail. The more information you have, the better you will be at guiding the patient. Knowing what the condition is will enable you to understand how to treat the schizophrenic person as well the people who stay around them.
  • Choose a goal
    Having a set goal will help you as well your family member stay motivated. The goal is to ensure the welfare of the person. It will enable you to achieve a particular routine that can help both of you stay on track and keep a check on the way the schizophrenic person is feeling at all times.
  • Keep Track of Details
    Ensure to go to all the doctor appointments with your loved one. This is a simple yet very useful step in helping the patient feel more comfortable. This will also help you understand their treatment plan better and give you an upper hand to guide them through it.  Your duty would be to ask as many questions you can and clarify every doubt that you may have. This process will help both of you deal with the situation in a better manner.
  • Any recent symptoms that they may have developed
  • Any other medical conditions that the may have been taking during the treatment
  • If you notice any new sources of stress
  • Support Groups
    Just like any other condition, allowing your family member to socialize with people with the same condition can help them cope with their situation better. Encouraging them to join a group can help boost their morale and give them an opportunity to feel like they belong somewhere. Sharing their experiences with group members can help them feel lighter and more connected.

Above all, being there and encouraging them to share their feelings with you can help them have an outlet to channel their emotions and thoughts. Mental support and guidance are key to reducing the symptoms of schizophrenia.

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