Are you suffering from Joint pain?

On multiple occasions, you suffer from joint pain especially in your feet and attribute it to your daily work routine. But hold on for a second and rethink. You might be suffering from a disease called Gout.

What are the causes of Gout?

Gout is a form of arthritis. It is caused by the deposition of Urate crystals in the joints. These are often found in the joint fluid or around the joint and largely affect the feet. These crystals are the by-product of Purine metabolism. Simply speaking, the diet consumed with abundance of purines in it, result in Gout. These include meat products and seafood. Obesity is also an important risk factor which leads to increased risk of Gout.

You may not experience joint pain in the initial stages of the disease if there is mild increase in the concentration of the uric acid in the blood. You only realize it when there is a sudden shooting pain along with swelling & redness in the joints. This is called Gout attack. If left untreated, the crystals develop and form larger ‘Tophi’ which can be diagnosed in X-rays scans. This can cause decrease in the mobility of the joints and leave you partially disabled.

Alcohol is another risk factor which increases the likelihood of the disease. Other medical ailments such as kidney disorder can aggravate the condition as it becomes more difficult for the body to excrete the excessive uric acid. Studies indicate that poor elimination of the uric acid from the body is a greater cause for the occurrence of Gout than the build up of uric acid by purine rich foods.

In addition, there are multiple scientific studies on the genetic inheritance of the Gout. But humans have least control on their genetic make-up and so should focus on the prevention of the disease at first place.

Home Remedies for prevention and cure of Gout

There are multiple ways to prevent and limit the further development of Gout.

  • Drink at least 2-4 litres of water daily to decrease the chances of concentration of the Urate crystals and their faster elimination.

  • Avoid consuming excess of high-purine foods like seafood (prawns, shrimps etc), red meat, oily fishes like herring, mackerel etc.

  • Avoid sugary drinks.

  • Keep the intake of alcohol to moderate levels.

  • Have a physically active lifestyle to avoid being obese.

  • Consult a physician if the problem still persists or gets aggravated and take the medications as advised.

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