It feels nice for us to be writing a blog. It seems like we’re connecting to people we care for and those who care for us, on a whole new personal level. We, at Vikram Hospital Bangalore, have made this little promise to write to you weekly about things that matter, which we’ll hopefully keep.


Did you know that our hospital specializes in taking care of your heart, kidney and the entire nervous system? Yeah, indeed! Among our many specialties, we are best at cardiac, nephrological, and neurological treatment.


With the best in class consultants and state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipments, our super specialty tertiary care hospital is no dream. Our Unique 5T’s: Team, Talent, Treatment, Technique and Technology enable us to achieve high performance and patient satisfaction. These key elements play an effective role in helping us to deliver unmatched services at a time of unprecedented need. That’s why you will always experience care that’s built around you.


This month we dedicate to writing to you about cardiac care, issues, therapy and cure. Everyone who has a heart is prone to cardiac problems. And everyone aboard our team has the heart to reach out to make it better for all who need our help.


Next week we’ll be writing about the major signs and symptoms of heart problems/diseases, especially in women.


Follow our blog to be intimated about all our future entries. And, until we see you next week, take good care of yourselves.

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