A Steep Calorie Deficit Is Stress Yielding

Bariatric Surgery :

Staying fit is the best gift you can give yourself. But the dream of that perfectly sculpted waist-line may be driving you towards unnecessary and harmful extremes. Crash diets and fitness fads don’t always tell you how a calorie intake that is lower than 1200 can jeopardize both your health and weight loss goals.

An intake that is lower than 1200 calories per day (for women) puts the body on panic mode, signaling it to store as many calories as possible. This slows down the metabolism of your body and exerts unneeded stress to sustain on very less nutrition.

The healthy journey toward weight loss must be ideally armed with a perfectly measured calorie intake that is determined by one’s age, weight, height, baseline metabolism and sex.  Besides, adequate physical activity must be used to burn a portion of the calories consumed.

Extremes are always unhealthy. You should try to balance your nutritional needs with your need to lose weight before deciding on a diet plan. Obese people who are unable to lose weight despite dieting and being physically active may consider looking for the weight loss surgery in India to get rid of obesity.

weight loss surgery in India

Our advice: set short term weight-loss goals that are practical. Losing about a pound of weight per week through exercise and healthy calorie deficit is generally the best way to get in shape. Remember, a peaceful mind rests in a peaceful body!

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