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Hey readers, how have you been? You have been taking good care of your hearts with all the information about cardiac care that was provided last month, haven’t you? Good! In that case, let’s talk about yet another important organ of our body – the kidney.

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Today, the best dialysis hospital in Bangalore are working toward creating awareness but the key is to have the knowledge of evrything.

Proper Kidney Structure | Avoid Dialysis

The human body is gifted with a pair of Kidneys. They are located at the back of our abdomen, each being about 4 to 5 inches long. Their only function is to filter the blood. But one shouldn’t underestimate this blood filter. Filtering blood is as important as pumping it. Each kidney contains around a million units called nephron. Each nephron is a microscopic filter in itself. The kidneys remove waste from the blood passing through them along with controlling the proportion of salts and fluids in our body. Filtered blood then converts into urine and is flushed down our bodies.Best dialysis hospital in bangalore showing kidney structure


Reason Of Kidney Failure | Causes Dialysis

What’s frightening about the kidney is that it’s possible to lose as much as 90% of its function without experiencing any symptoms at all. The early symptoms of a chronic kidney disease could be very misleading or unnoticeable altogether. Often, it takes years before chronic kidney diseases go on to cause total kidney failure. Chronic kidney disease is a condition where the nephrons begin to get damaged and become incapable of filtering blood. While the healthy nephrons grow bigger to accommodate the extra work, the strain on them increases to a point where there are no healthy nephrons left to filter all the blood in the body. This is when the strain shows on the body and a kidney failure (acute renal failure) might follow.
Renal failure occurs when the kidneys stop working all together due to which the toxins in the body cannot be flushed out. This leads to an unhealthy storage of waste products, fluids, and electrolytes that result in a fatal condition.
Some of the causes of kidney failure are:

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Such patients would be suggested to go through a dialysis. Dialysis is a means of removing toxic substances from the blood because the kidneys cannot. It is an external process which balances the salts and chemicals level in the body along with filtering the waste, and is administered regularly. Based on the severity of the renal failure different methods of dialysis may be prescribed.


The two widely used dialysis processes are:

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Kidney transplant is also a relatively long term option given that a suitable donor is found within the first year of renal failure.

Symptoms of Kidney Failure | Responsible For Dialysis

One may end up finding the Best dialysis hospital in Bangalore but the filters that God has bestowed on us need to be taken care of by ourselves. Check for

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Make wellness a lifestyle choice and a healthy routine your habit. Have a healthy week ahead. Stay fit!


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P.S.: If you are worried about your kidney giving trouble, make sure you seek consultation. A thorough assessment of your condition will surely lead you to getting the best dialysis hospital in Bangalore.


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