Cause of Increased Incidence of Heart Attacks Among Young Adults

In recent times, there have been cases of heart attacks reported among young people under the age of 40. This is a huge concern. Young adults in their 20s have been rushed into cardiac facilities after experiencing discomfort in the chest. However, this wasn’t the case a couple of decades ago. Heart Attacks were more likely to be seen in older adults above the age of 50. But the number of heart attacks among youngsters has increased incidence in the past few years. What has triggered this change? Why is there an increased rate of heart attacks reported among young people? Continue reading to find out.

A heart attack usually occurs when the blood flow to the heart is blocked. This also lessens the amount of oxygen that reaches the heart. The blockage commonly happens due to the buildup of fat, cholesterol and other substances. Commonly known as Atherosclerosis. This accumulation of fat and other substances starts at a young age, therefore everyone should be extra cautious and take notes of the warning signs.

One of the major risk factors that could be a cause of increased incidence of heart attacks among young adults is the change in lifestyle. That include:

High Blood Pressure: Stress is the major cause of high blood pressure. However, a sedentary lifestyle, obesity and excessive alcohol consumption are other factors that cause high blood pressure among young adults. Everyone should start exercising at a young age to stay fit in body and mind. People who suffer from high blood pressure have high chances of a heart attack. When your blood pressure increases, it narrow downs your arteries. The damaged and narrowed arteries encounter difficulty to supply blood to the heart and the amount of oxygen also decreases. You could experience chest pain or a heart attack.

High Cholesterol: Young adults maintain an unhealthy/poor diet. With ready-to-eat and junk food being easily available, it has become very popular among young adults. Though the body requires cholesterol to produce new cells, high levels of cholesterol can increase the chances of a heart attack. Foods like fatty meat, deep-fried fast food, full-fat dairy products, pizzas and hamburgers through which cholesterol enters your body. Thus, increasing cholesterol levels. Too much cholesterol in the body causes atherosclerosis, which blocks the flow of blood to your heart.

Type 2 Diabetes: People who are diabetic are more prone to heart diseases than any other person. While there are chances of diabetic patients to develop heart diseases, but the chances of a heart attack in type 2 diabetes patients are even worse. High blood glucose, over a period of time, can damage the blood vessels. The longer one has type 2 diabetes, the chances of a heart attack are high.

Smoking: A report shows that the average number of people start smoking at the age of 18. Cultural change and peer pressure are the major reasons why people start smoking at a very young age. Smoking can cause different diseases. However, a chance of getting a heart attack among smokers is invariably high. Basically, the nicotine in smoke reduces the amount of oxygen that reaches the heart, raising blood pressure, raising heart rate, forms blood clots and damages the blood vessels.

One should take care of themselves irrespective of their age. Nevertheless, people at the age of 20-30 should take extra precautions of their lifestyle and food habits. Now, that you know of the factors that could lead up to a heart attack, make sure to be extra cautious. Address the warning signs your body gives you and consult a doctor immediately.

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