Experiencing a Change in Your Menstrual Cycle During Lockdown? Here’s Why

Coronavirus has impacted each one of us on different levels. To stop the spread of this virus a nationwide lockdown was imposed, pushing all of us to #StayAtHome and step out only to pick up daily essentials. The working crowd started working from home, kids started attending online classes, no more household, reduced outside food… With this situation came new issues and one of them is a change in the menstrual cycle. Don’t worry, you are not alone in this.

Ever since the lockdown was imposed most women have noticed a change in their menstrual cycle. There are many reasons why women are experiencing change. Continue reading to know why.

Dealing with Staying at Home: The initial days of the lockdown seemed fine to everyone, but when the lockdown was extended and people had to stay at home for a longer period, it started affecting everyone. With limited human interaction and this lockdown affecting most of our favourite activities and hobbies, it is affecting our mental health. Thus, interfering with the menstrual cycle. Video calling your loved ones, indulging in activities that you enjoy doing at home, taking an online class and so on to boost your mental health.

Stress: While there are various reasons that could stress you out, one of them currently is extended working hours while working from home. At some point, you would have wished for not having to go to the office and just working from home. It’s a reality now, but during this lockdown many people end up spending more time working from home. That one last task is never the last task. You continue to work not realising that 8 hours have turned to 10-11 hours. Increasing your stress levels, because you are spending too much time at work and not having enough time to get exercise.

And if you are a working mum, then it is all the more work. Suddenly having everyone at home for a longer period of time and taking care of everything while you make sure your office work is on point, could be stressful. The way to deal with stress is to take some time out of your day just for yourself and indulge in self-care. Cook your favourite meals, have some flavoured tea, light incense, take a long shower or indulge in things that would help you de-stress.

Change in Diet: An increased intake of fatty, high-fibre and low-fat food can affect your menstrual cycle. Some studies show that alcohol also can affect your cycle. A change in levels of alcohol intake changes the levels of reproductive hormones, affecting your menstrual cycle. The key is to maintain a balanced diet. Now that you are spending all your time at home and working from home as well, there is a tendency to make and eat food you are craving. If you have seen a change in your diet. Increased intake of fatty or any other food, in particular, could be one of the reasons that have impacted your period.

Fluctuation in Weight: With the extra time on thier hands, people have taken this lockdown as an opportunity to work out or improve their culinary skills or both. Thus, affecting your weight and this fluctuation will eventually impact your period. Weight gain or loss are both reasons why you could miss or notice a delay in your period.

So, these are the reasons why you are experiencing a change in your menstrual cycle. While some women notice a delay in their cycle during this lockdown, some have said to have missed their period. There are others who have got their period twice in the same month. Don’t panic, keep a tab on your diet, weight, stress levels and mental health. Once you identify what could be the reason, rectify it and your period should be back to normal.

If you are having extreme fluctuations, always consult a doctor for your peace of mind.

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