Snacking can be healthy: What should you pick?

Snacking – did that just bring up images of chips, biscuits and samosas and fried peanuts and candy? Well, that’s what most people snack on. With the lockdown being imposed, people are binge-watching TV shows and binge eating snacks. Snacking like that is 100% unhealthy. Eating deep fried food every day is sure to ruin your health in the long run.

The mindless munching can lead to weight gain. However, cravings nor munching is not the real problem. The actual concern lies within selecting the right snack. Snacking sometimes can just be about passing time, maybe something to do while watching your favourite TV show. So if you pick the right snacks, you could actually be making a healthy choice.

  1. Snacking is never a replacement for actual meals. Keep a meal plan in place so you can really avoid snacking during those times. If you get hungry around
  2. Pick health over pleasure: Pick healthy snacks like peanuts, almonds, etc. to munch on rather than going for junk foods like potato chips, sweets, etc.
  3. Always have control: Snacking is good and it helps in weight reduction too as long as you pick the right snack and you don’t overdo it.
  4. Limit the number of snack breaks: Limit the number of snack breaks to two or three. Ideally one after breakfast and one after lunch. This way of snacking prevents energy drops and promotes less eating of meals.
  5. Mindful snacking: Snacking shouldn’t be done with another chore like working, watching T.V, etc. or you will end up eating more.
  6. Always be ready: Don’t give up for unhealthy snacks just because of circumstances. Always be pressed with a box of your favourite snack so that you won’t fall for cookies, chips or candy bars in desperation.

These tips can help you in maintaining a healthy snacking schedule. A few, weightloss-friendly snacks that can be added in your diet are mixed nuts like almonds, cashews, etc., mixed fruits and veggies, hard-boiled eggs, protein bars, Makhana and Kala channa. Limiting junk snacks is the key to a successful diet. For that, it is best advised not to keep it at home. Look at making snacks at home. Indian snacks like chikkis are also a good source of protein and give you an instant burst of energy. Keep them handy.

Consulting with a dietician to find out healthy snacks might help you during your diet. Hunger is the driving force of snacking. Using snacking in the right way not only helps in suppressing but it will also help in reducing weight. So the next time when your next cravings pop up, keep these tips in mind and munch on healthier whole foods.

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