High Blood Pressure – Causes and treatment

The amount of force or pressure exerted on the periphery or walls of the arteries during the process of blood circulation is called as Blood Pressure. Higher levels of pressure on the arteries amount to high blood pressure levels. High blood pressure is also called Hypertension. It is one of the most common conditions prevalent today.

Blood that is pumped by the heart travels to the lungs which are then filled with fresh oxygen and then circulated to the body’s cells and muscles. The pressure that is applied to pump out this blood is essentially the body’s blood pressure level and an increase or obstruction in the flow of the blood through the arteries causes the level of blood pressure to rise.

Science has not been able to pinpoint the exact reason or cause of high blood pressure, however, the below-mentioned causes may have a high chance of causing high blood pressure levels.

  • Age Age increases the level of blood pressure naturally. This is due to the change in the structure of the arteries. Most often this is seen in large arteries which stiffen over time.
  • Temperature Based on recent studies, hypertension has been observed in people over the age of 60 and has also been noticed to fluctuate based on the temperature. The blood pressure level is noticed to be lower during warmer temperatures and vice versa.
  • Hereditary The chances of you having hypertension increase significantly if you have a very close relative or family member who has this condition. Hypertension is one of the conditions that have a higher chance of running in the family.
  • Obesity Being overweight is directly linked to an increase in the risk of high blood pressure. This due to the fact that they might also have high cholesterol levels which affect the arteries and the flow of replenished blood.
  • Lack of physical exercise A sedentary, lethargic lifestyle poses a direct threat to your blood pressure levels. People who engage in minimum to no physical activity have a greater chance of suffering from hypertension.
  • Smoking & Drinking habits Smoking causes the blood vessels to shrink or narrow down that automatically increases the risk of high blood pressure. Drinking, on the other hand, raises the systolic blood pressure level.
  • Treatment There are no specific treatments for hypertension but there are several ways to reduce, maintain and control blood pressure levels. These are some of the ways to control high blood pressure:
  • Regular Exercise Engaging in regular exercise helps to reduce the risk of high blood pressure.
  • Weight Loss Studies suggest that weight loss and loss in the waistline has a great impact on the lowering of blood pressure levels.
  • Sleep Cycle Maintaining a proper sleep cycle ensures better management of your blood pressure level. It allows you to keep your blood pressure level on the lower side.
  • Meditation & Yoga These may be a slower way to control the condition, however, they are extremely useful and can effectively bring down your high blood pressure level.

These are some easy but effective ways to control, manage and prevent high blood pressure or hypertension. The most important method, however, is to maintain a healthy diet, keeping yourself motivated and active as much as possible.

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