The Golden Hour

All it takes is a moment that decides the life or death of a person. It is that moment where the patient needs a doctor the most. Cardiac and respiratory emergencies need immediate care. It is that critical period which we at Vikram, one of India’s leading Hospitals with ICU in Bangalore call “The Golden Hour”.  The kind of help rendered during the initial 30 minutes can have the serious short term and long term effects on the patient.

emergency care in bangalore

Emergencies are always sudden but medical help is not always at hand’s distance. One of the banes of modern lifestyle is the traffic which hinders the process of immediate transportation the most. This problem can’t be avoided but can sure be tackled.

Ambulances along with medical advances have modernized too. It’s not just a plain van anymore. It’s a miniature emergency ward, with modern portable machines like basic and advanced life support systems which include things from bandages to ventilators and essential medications to heart monitoring devices. Along with all these facilities, an Intensivist, who is trained for medical emergencies, also accompanies the patient to the hospital.

Vikram is one of the best super specialty hospitals in India which offers this service. So next time you call an ambulance be sure to call the one that is fully equipped to take care of your loved one.

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