Impact of Cigarettes on Health

Every time before a movie is screened, a short clip is screened intending to raise awareness about the ill effects of tobacco. The advertisement, that lasts for about 30 seconds or so, however, fails to portray how gruesome the effects are. Tobacco is the general name of a plant. The leaves of these plants are dried and fermented and then used in the products that are ultimately consumed by people. The primary and most important constituent of tobacco is nicotine, which is also the reason behind its popularity. The popular products that use tobacco are cigarette, bidi, cigar, hookah, tobacco powder (consumed by chewing), etc.

Products Packed With Cancer

According to WHO, nicotine is a highly addictive substance. It is known to cause serious respiratory and cardiovascular problems and almost 20 types of cancers. Some of the most regular cancers are head, neck, throat, esophagus, gums, tongue, etc. The tobacco products that people consume are literally death packed in a pretty package.

It is like a poison that causes slow dilapidation of the body. The worst part is that a person doesn’t need to consume it to be affected by its ill effects. Merely being in the vicinity of a person consuming such products, especially those that release smoke, can cause the ill effects aforementioned.

The rate of deaths and diseases on the WHO website is alarming and hint towards an entirely different type of epidemic. The only difference is that this epidemic can be controlled.

How To Control

The most effective way is no doubt to stop the sale of the products. But in most cases, this is not practical. The second most effective way is to deter people from buying tobacco products. Deterring can be done in various ways like increasing taxes, spreading awareness of its ill effects, banning advertisements of such products, punishing people for consuming tobacco in public places, etc.

Some of the measures that second-hand smokers can take are to strictly prohibit the use of tobacco in public places like public transport, airports, offices, theatres, malls, etc. There should be heavy fines or some other form of punishment for people violating the rules. Youngsters should avoid being in the company of peers consuming tobacco products.

Awareness is key. More and more people should actively participate in awareness programs. A simple clip in the theatre is not sufficient. People need to know the gruesome reality through data and examples of people who have suffered due to tobacco. The fight against tobacco needs to be fought in unison.

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