Stay fit while you enjoy your holidays

Vacation is the time when you prefer to be a couch potato all day and night and binge watch your favourite TV serials with a bowl of popcorn. Indeed, it is the time to relax and rejoice with your kith and kin. But often people spend holidays overindulging in unhealthy eating habits and being in a state of inactivity. This can dip your health graph negatively.

Here are a few tips to enjoy your holidays and stay fit at the same time:

You are what you eat!

Healthy eating needs to continue through your lounging period. The perks of healthy eating are numerous. For instance, if you want to hit the road with your family members, it becomes doubly important to be wary of what to consume. This will prevent the occurrence of food poisoning or diarrhoea. So, you are saved from the hurt of packing up your bags midway along the journey back to your home due to sickness.

No excuse for not hitting the gym

You must have noticed the flaccid changes in your body & the loss of tone, once you stop hitting the gym. Well! You can’t aim for a muscular Greek God’s body and not workout regularly even in the holidays. While travelling, you can still perform basic body exercises such as squats, lunges or push-ups after a proper warm up in order to stay fit.

Breath out the stress

Healing your mind goes hand in hand with your body care. Not to mention, yoga & meditation is the perfect route to keep yourself calm and collected to fully cherish the moments with your family. It helps to break the monotony for workaholics and lets them replenish the energy to start afresh with positive vibes after holidays.

Avoid alcohol intake

Needless to stay that the partygoers should consume alcohol with  caution when they hit the pubs in the holiday season to preempt alcohol poisoning. If you experience symptoms like confusion, delirium, blue-tinged face, falling body temperature etc, immediately visit the emergency room of the hospital to avoid any complications. Avoiding alcohol is the best choice as alcohol is deleterious to health.

Sleep well

Vacation is a great time for the sleep-deprived people to have a good sleep. A minimum of 8 hours of sleep is usually considered optimal for the body, particularly for active adults. Shake off the sleepless nights and avoid using mobile or other electronic gadgets at least 1 hour before you sleep. Also, avoid consuming heavy meals in the late evenings to prevent indigestion.

Keep yourself hydrated

Often in an inactive state, there is a tendency to drink less amount of water than the usual. Remember that it is essential to flush out the toxins from the body while it’s in a sluggish mode. Drink a minimum of about 2-2.5 litres of water every day. It also helps prevent bad breath.

These tips will surely help rejuvenate your body while you are on your holidays and keep it in good health.

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