10 tips to stick to your health resolutions for the New Year

The New Year is ahead and we are all brimming with joy. Most of us plan our holidays and get ready with a list of resolutions to leave behind unhealthy habits. But, isn’t it an arduous task to alter your health habits for good and stay determined?

Here are a few tips you can use to prevent yourself from reverting back to the old unhealthy habits:

1. Start with smaller goals

Don’t strain yourself into keeping unrealistic and difficult goals. Follow the ‘SMART’ way. It refers to putting up smart, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound goals. For instance, it is infeasible to lose 15 kgs in a week or a month. So, start simple and work your way up.

2. The lesser the better

Start with about two to three resolutions and work towards those instead of trying to alter 10 health habits altogether. Don’t be harsh on yourself when you just begin.

3.Draw clarity

Your objectives should be clear and aligned with the values you appreciate. Don’t make impulsive or influenced decisions. You need to have a level of certitude, courage and clarity to accomplish whatever you wish to change in your unhealthy habits.

4. Keep track

You need to succinctly, pen down your health goals on a notepad. This way you won’t lose track of them. Add reminders such as alarms or mark your goals on the calendar.

5. Avoid triggers

Set aside the items that drive you away from your health goals. A strict discipline precedes all your efforts towards keeping up with the New Year health goals. If you have a hankering for junk food or sugary drinks, try to avoid exposure to these items and make no bones about saying ‘no’ when someone offers you an unhealthy treat.

6.Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness helps you to stay laser focused and live in the moment. It gives you the strength to be more resolute and scare away any future worries.

7. Reward yourself

We all need a motivation of some sort to keep us stuck to our goals. Every goal achieved needs to be rewarded. Treat yourself with your favourite food once in a while for your efforts to lose weight. It is perfectly fine!

8. Take help from a dietician

Healthy transformation requires perseverance and is a continuous process. So, don’t starve yourself day in and day out just for the sake of hitting the target of daily calories. Poor nutrition can have the opposite effect and actually backfire on your efforts, making you weak and pulling your morale down. Seek help from your dietician to support your health resolutions.

9. Avoiding addiction

Getting rid of alcohol or smoking addiction requires a lot more extra efforts. Avoid the company of people who insist that you engage in addiction of any form. If you already have a serious addiction issue and you resolve to abstain from alcohol or smoking, take assistance from a physician to deal with withdrawal symptoms. The journey isn’t easy but nothing is impossible.

10. Ask for help

It is easier to break a resolution than to make it. Don’t shy away from seeking help from your family members and getting their emotional support during this habit change period. Explain to them that you give the utmost value to these goals.

Slowly and steadily you will surely triumph over your unhealthy habits.

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