How to Stay Healthy In The Holiday Season

People often say that there are only two constants - Change and Death. But they often forget about one other constant that is gaining a couple of pounds during the holiday season. Holiday season is for family, festivity, and food. Christmas is all about the delicious food and spending quality time with our loved ones. But sometimes this endless variety of food can tempt one to overeat. Temptations are everywhere, and parties and travel may disrupt the daily routines. So this post is all about how to stay healthy and stick to a diet plan while everyone around you is splurging on carbs. So here are 5 healthy eating tips during the holiday season:

1)Stay High On Protein:

Making protein your platter’s primary feature is probably the best thing that you can do to cope-up with the holiday season. High protein diets like fish, green vegetables, egg-based dishes, or slices of meat and cheese are more likely to satiate your stomach, even when taken in smaller amounts and you are less likely to overeat.

2)Don’t Deprive Yourself Of Sleep

If you have an adequate sleep of at least seven to nine hours per night during the holidays, it’s good for stress management, and it also creates an equilibrium of the craving for food and satiety hormones.

3)A Before And After Workout

Being active can be your secret holiday weapon as it can make up for eating more than usual and also reduces stress levels. You’ve got a lot on your plate so work out or just go for walks with friends or family after heavy holiday meals.

4)Meatless Meals

It’s undeniably tough not to have meat in your meals during holidays but ample researches show that plant-based diets promote health. So you can help lower your cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by going meatless for at least one meal of the day by adding some variety to your platter.

5)Eat When You Feel Hungry

A lot of people believe that skipping meals during the day might help them make up for the high-calorie dinner that they are going to have. That’s just another myth like “The Flat Earth” theory. It will typically lead to overeating.

So keep eating whenever you are hungry and have a balanced breakfast and lunch with half of your plate filled with green vegetables.

6)Stay Hydrated

Holiday meals are often combined with a lot of alcoholic drinks and it’s important for you to stay hydrated through the dizzy times. So mixing up your hard liquors with mixers like sparkling water can help you hack the booze calories.

7)No Regrets

This is the time of celebration and spending quality time with the loved ones so don’t get worked up this holiday season and go guilt-free while munching your favourites. Keeping a healthy diet during the holidays can make people anxious, so take a chill pill, relax and enjoy the time.

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